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ProDryers Tip: The Dyson Airblade (all SKU's) move air at 420 MPH. Now that's fast! Below is a list of our most popular fast and high speed hand dryers:
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Manufacturer SKU Product Name
Excel Dryer XL-BW Excel Dryer XL-BW Xlerator Hand Dryer
American Dryer GXT9 American Dryer GXT9 ExtremeAir Hand Dryer
Excel Dryer XL-SB Excel Dryer XL-SB Xlerator, Brushed Stainless Steel
Dyson HU02 Dyson Airblade V HU02
Dyson AB14-G Dyson Airblade dB AB14-G

Today's super-fast, high speed hand dryer technology has given little reason for business owners to remain with paper towel dispensers in the restrooms. With dry times as fast as 10 seconds, high speed hand dryers offer the ultimate in energy savings and slash paper towel costs, saving businesses thousands of dollars per the life of a hand dryer. Take the USA made Xlerator hand dryer for example. It dries hands in 10 seconds and lasts 7-10 years on average. It never runs out of paper towels. There is no required maintenance. The fast dry time coupled with the automatic sensor technology shuts the dryer off immediately when hands are moved away from the dry position allowing the Xlerator to cut energy savings by 80% when compared to older conventional hand dryers. We have a massive inventory of top brands such as Excel Dryer, Dyson, American Dryer and more. Call us at at 888-503-7937 for help with choosing the best solution for the job!

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When it comes to high speed hand dryers and blazing fast dry times, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you understand each model in depth so you can make the best purchase decision for your restroom facility. We sell thousands of hand dryers per month. Helping our customers is something we are very passionate about. Our goal is to earn your business for life, not just one sale.

ProDryers has a vast inventory of fast drying hand dryers. As one of the nation's top trusted hand dryer suppliers, ProDryers offers only the best products with the best service. Call us at 888-503-7937 and ask for a hand dryer expert. Some of our top brands are the Excel Dryer Xlerator, the Dyson Airblade, and the American Dryer ExtremeAir. Some of our hand dryers like the Dyson Airblade, move air at speeds of 420 MPH!