Wall Plug In Hand Dryers

An electrician commercially wires in most hand dryers, but the installation fees can be expensive, and the electricity bills can soar through the roof. Fortunately, companies like ASI and World Dryer have designed wall plug-in hand dryers that don't require an electrician and use less energy than traditional counterparts.

Wall plug-in hand dryers are plugged directly into a wall outlet. Most often, they're used in small offices, doctor's offices, or dental offices, though some customers have also bought them for in-home residential use.

Most of our plug-in dryers come from the TRI-Umph series from ASI. Any TRI-Umph plug in hand dryer you buy is going to include great features that support better hygiene, faster drying times, zero splashback, and easy maintenance

  • Over 99% of airborne bacteria is eliminated thanks to the dryer's removable Super - Filter System, which includes a HEPA filter, a carbon filter, and an anti-microbial filter.
  • It only takes about 12 seconds to dry your hands, thanks to high-velocity air coming from vents on three sides.
  • The water on your hands is pushed backward and onto a ceramic plate, where it evaporates continuously.
  • Not only is the removable Super Filter System easy to remove, clean, and replace as needed, but the top half of the dryer features a narrow design that allows the unit and the wall behind it to be cleaned easily.

The plug-in hand dryer from World Driver has amazing features as well that allow it to be quiet, easy to maintain, and vandalism-proof. It includes:

  • A thermally protected motor
  • Tamper-resistant screws
  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • Sound level of 76 decibels

If you need help choosing the best hand dryer for your needs, call us and ask to speak with a plug-in hand dryer expert. You can either call our toll-free number (888-503-7937 or 888-50-DRYER) or our direct number (734-466-9767). Alternatively, you can send an email to or fax us at 734-943-5906. Our business hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday, though you can place online orders anytime.