Excel Hand Dryers

More than ever, it has become critical to raise the bar on hand hygiene in our daily lives. It is especially essential for hospitals, medical facilities, senior care, public transportation, food service, and hospitality. Protecting yourself, your employees, patients, and clientele are tantamount for businesses all over the globe. In partnership with Excel hand dryers, ProDryers is working to elevate that bar more and more every day.

The Excel dryer, one of the most-respected hand dryer manufacturers globally, is available through us in this curated collection. These family-owned, USA-certified Excel dryers are backed by thousands of customer's high reviews and a credible master distributor known for their meticulous care and high-quality construction.

Within our Excel dyer collection, you will find the most comprehensive range of models, styles, as well as replacements and accessories needed to fill virtually any of your requirements. Just a few of the amazing features different models of our Excel hand dryers can offer you:

  • Eco-conscious versions (look for the Eco image) with an energy-efficient design.
  • Adjustable speeds and sound.
  • Multi-voltage selections.
  • Visible service LED for easier troubleshooting
  • Factory-installed Quieter Nozzle
  • BuildingGreen® Listed and LEED® credit qualifying
  • Drying time as short as 8 seconds
  • 5-7 years limited warranty
  • TA-SB ThinAir ADA Compliant hand dryer comes with on/off heat and a washable filter.
  • LX-SM-M mobile unit showcases a HEPA filter for removing 999% of viruses from the airstream, ultra-durable metal frame, hand sanitizer bracket, adjustable sound, speed, heat controls, and Microban® Antimicrobial Wall Guard.

And that's not all of the versatile features available with our Excel Hand Dryers. With ProDryers, you will find that our selection is second to none in the industry today. Specializing in hand dryers, accessories, and exceptional quality hygiene supplies since 2003 have allowed us to partner with and only provide premium hand dryers based on detailed data and commitment to facts.

If you're curious to know more about the Excel dryer or have any questions about Excel hand dryers, our expert customer service team is here for you! Call us direct at 734 - 466 – 9767, toll-free at 1-888-503-7937, email or speak to a representative directly by chatting with us right here on site.