Excel Dryer ThinAir Hand Dryer


The new Excel Dryer ThinAir hand dryer is now available to order. It brings high speed and ADA compliance to a USA made, surface mounted hand dryer. The ThinAir also combines an on/off heat option with an adjustable motor making it the most complete designed hand dryer on the market.

ADA compliance is something we are seeing more of on architectural specs and requirements for restroom purchases as of late. This trend will continue which is why the ThinAir is the perfect solution. Keep in mind, over 90% of the purchases for hand dryers are still with units such as the Xlerator or other standard designed units often measuring deeper than 4 inches. But at ProDryers, we do see a trend of increased desires to purchase slim or thin designed units that achieve ADA compliance without the need to recess into the wall.

More on the Excel Dryer ThinAir Hand Dryer

The ThinAir hand dryer will dry hands in 15-20 seconds as an ADA compliant surface mount unit. By designing the hand dryer so it is less than 4 inches in depth from the wall, the product is safe for visually impaired restroom users. Many of our customers at ProDryers would like a reliable hand dryer with on/off heat capabilities. By turning heat off, more energy savings is achieved at just 333W, and just 960W with heat. Often our customers are not sure which they would prefer. With this new on/off heat option, the Excel Dryer ThinAir gives our customers full control to test out for themselves. Noise has also been a major concern for our customer base. With the built in adjustable motor, the ThinAir puts every possible design feature into a single hand dryer.

You can call now at 888-503-7937 and learn more about the ThinAir by Excel Dryer. We always provide the absolute best price plus free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous U.S.. ProDryers is a top trusted master distributor for Excel Dryer offering unbeatable deals on all Excel Dryer hand dryers. Buy with confidence now!

Spec Sheet:

ThinAir Spec Sheet