Energy Efficient Hand Dryers | Save 80% Vs. Conventional Hand Dryers and 95% Vs. Paper Towels

Energy efficient hand dryers are enabling companies to save thousands of dollars in electricity, maintenance costs, and paper towels annually. Businesses can save 80% more energy when compared to traditional hand dryers. Plus, savings of up to 95% costs vs. paper towel can be achieved. In today's world, everyone is going green and making an effort to save trees, resources, and money. If you are looking for a selection of the greenest hand dryers on Earth to conserve energy and save trees, water, land-fill space, gas & oil and so much more, ProDryers® can help! We specialize in educating users in conserving energy with restroom products, but more specifically how to get the most out of the product. The main goal is to get users to actually use the dryer so paper towel can be greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. Different washrooms call for different solutions. Call us at 888-503-7937 now and we'll get you on the path to going green.

For more information on how energy efficient hand dryers cut costs, save trees, energy and other natural resources, visit our page on hand dryers vs. paper towels.

What the Paper Industry Wants to Keep Secret

Most studies favoring paper towels or bashing hand dryers are funded by the paper industry. They have done their best to create a false fear of abandoning paper towels. You can't argue facts when it comes to energy efficiency and saving our environment. Imagine the cost and waste of resources with the entire operation of making paper. Think of the massive market and gigantic operation of harvesting trees, cutting them down, the pulping process. Now imagine the precious resources it must cost to transport the paper from point A to B. How much oil and gas is consumed? What is the carbon footprint of the entire operation, including the mass transportation? Consider the landfill space. This is a serious waste of our planet's resources and energy. Any business owner with common sense can see, not only is current hand dryer technology energy efficient, it's going to save on a mass level of wasted resources and prevent pollution.

So what has the paper industry done? They have resorted to funding bogus studies to create the false narrative that paper is more hygienic than hand dryers. Why? The paper industry's existence in the commercial restroom space is threatened by hand dryers.