SLOAN Flushometers

Over a century ago, SLOAN© invented a patented diaphragm and piston flushometer technology that continues to pioneer the entire industry to this day. Providing hospitals, living facilities, the food-service industry, and commercial facilities with the best in hands-free flushing technology, SLOAN© continues to improve water efficiency, environmental sustainability, innovation, and industry leadership all in one.

SLOAN© flushometers showcase superior design, premium quality and come with an extensive proven track record of exceedingly high-performance standards. Along with its performance excellence, SLOAN© flushometers have become one of the most trusted names in flushometers found on the market today.

When shopping with us, your number one trusted source of all things hand dryers, hygiene, plumbing, and accessories, you'll find our collection amongst the most varied online. Our extensive range of SLOAN© flushometers includes the following types and models: side mount operations, Royal, Regal, Optima, ECOS, SOLIS, GEM, Naval, and Crown flushometers, with many more models available.

Are you looking for manual or sensor SLOAN© flushometers? We have choices from a vast array of manual varieties with easy handle operations, diaphragm, or piston. If you prefer to go hands-free, choose from an equally large selection of sensor flushometers for the most hygienic convenience. Regardless of what model you become interested in, SLOAN© has been a leading provider in systems that help manage and preserve our planet's precious water and is a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems that pioneer intelligent, water-saving restroom solutions.

SLOAN© flushometers deliver intelligent solutions with higher standards of excellence and responsibility. We are proud to partner with such an innovative company to bring you the most competitive prices on these exceptional plumbing products. At ProDryers©, we are dedicated to building customer relationships based on quality and trust for almost two decades, serving the community and offering budget-friendly products for all industries.

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