Black Commercial Hand Dryers

For a contemporary atmosphere added to a modern restroom, we have a superb selection of sleek units that will no doubt blend seamlessly into your restroom décor. These gorgeous black hand dryers all showcase a timeless and classic shade that was meant to match perfectly with nearly everything.

Our black commercial hand dryers also come in a wide variety of finishes ranging from fingerprint repellant matte to a gorgeous high-gloss. This collection features the leading hand dryer manufacturers and brands that make a wide range of energy-efficient, time-efficient, reliable, and high-quality dryers built to withstand years of regular use. You'll find the most popular, highly-reviewed customer favorites such as the Excel XLERATOReco, the World Dryer L-162, the Airforce J-162, Saniflow's M17AB Speedflow Plus, ASI Turbo Pro High-Speed ADA, American Dryer, and iStorm.

ProDryers® specializes in today's most innovative, cutting-edge black hand dryers with the most competitive prices found online. With almost twenty years of passionate dedication to quality, commitment to customer service, and highly knowledgeable professional customer service—we're able to provide extraordinary service to our customers all over the country. The black hand dyers by XLERATOR® also feature some of the fastest dryer models, ranging from 10-15 seconds drying time with low energy consumption making them both eco-friendly and budget-friendly at the same time. Plus, Excel dryers are specifically designed to help tackle hand drying in fast-paced, heavily trafficked restrooms. One of our customer's favorites for busy washrooms is the XLERATOReco XL-BL but our World Dryer SmartDri (with on/off motors and SteriTouch® hygienic antimicrobial technology) and our Saniflow or American Dryer brands are also highly-rated, well-reviewed, and available at competitive pricing.

At ProDryers®, you'll find one of the largest selections of high-quality black hand dryers to choose from, conveniently organized for you. With our unique expertise and trustworthy reputation, we'll be able to find the right commercial hand dryers that work for you should you need additional service. Our highly-trained customer service team can work side by side with you to find the perfect fit for your needs. Feel free to reach out and contact us at any time. It would be a pleasure to assist you.