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The wash fountain made by Bradley is a popular item for hand washing. Wash fountains save energy, water, and space. What exactly is a wash fountain? Think of it as one large faucet to serve multiple people. Most of these fountains are circular or semi-circular and can serve up to 8 people depending on the size. There are many different color options and also more shapes and sizes including corner mounts, deep bowl, and shallow bowl. Just to give an example, the 54” circular wash fountain can simultaneously wash the hands of 8 people and the 36” can hold up to 5 users. The 54” semi-circular can be used by 4 people and the 36” by 3 people.

By using normal lavatories each person needs his or her own faucet to wash their hands. What comes with each faucet? Typically a hot and cold supply line and also the plumbing for the waste, Bradley saves you the need for all these plumbing pieces. Each fountain comes with one supply line for the water and just one waste connection; this will also lower the cost of installation because there is no need for extra piping or supply lines. Not to mention cleaning 8 separate faucets and sinks takes more maintenance time than one 8-person fountain would.

Many people may be curious as to the savings on water. According to Bradley, most commercial restroom faucets go through 2.5 gallons of water per minute. If we compare this to their 3 user Sentry Wash fountain which goes at a rate of 0.5 g.p.m. you will see just how much water it saves. The three people washing hands in the regular lavatories add up to 7.5 g.p.m. while the 3 users in the wash fountain only use 1.5.; all while using space more efficiently than 8 lavatories.

Now that we have covered how exactly they save water; it is time to show which fountains are used for specific applications. These wash fountains are activated by a foot pump, push button by hand, or a hands free infrared sensor. Typically they are used in manufacturing plants, stadiums, schools, or any other high traffic area that demands quick hand washing. The Classic Wash fountains come in 54” and 36” semi-circular and circular, they also come in juvenile height or extra height. With the option of having a foot control and a deep bowl, this would work great for elementary kids that may have paint all over them or adults that need to clean their arms as well as their hands. The Sentry line consists of stainless steel ADA compliant fountains that can be mounted on the wall and come in 54” or 36”. This option is great for any commercial restroom seeing as regular lavatories are wall mounted too. Accommodating up to 3 users at a time any of the fountains in this line are perfect for schools, stadiums, or in the workplace. The Sentry line can save up to 6.0 g.p.m. of water over a normal faucet.

Depending on the size of your restroom and where the desired place for the fountain is Bradley has an option to accommodate you. Whether it needs to be a wall mount, ADA compliant, low to the ground, or positioned in a corner ProDryers and Bradley will help make that possible. For any questions on these wash fountains call us at 888-50-Dryer.