ADA Compliant Hand Dryers

ADA is short for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Compliance with this Act provides specific protections for those with disabilities to provide an equal opportunity to access.

For business owners, it is essential to understand this when you are legally required to be ADA-compliant. However, simply because an item is ADA compliant does not necessarily mean it is handicap accessible, although the two are related. This can be confusing, so to learn more, check out our educational resource page to understand the terminology better.

What makes an ADA hand dryer is often related to how a dryer is mounted, how many inches above the floor it is, and in some cases, what color the dryer is to help the visually impaired find it. Most of the dryers we sell end up using a standard surface mount more than 26 inches from the floor.

Should you be looking for an ADA hand dryer when necessary, many tools are available to help you achieve ADA compliance. Some options to consider:

  • Use a recess kit when mounting above 26 inches to recess into the wall.
  • Using a surface-mount hand dryer with a thinner design, less than 4 inches deep, such as World Dryer SlimDri, Dyson Airblade V, or a Bobrick Trimline, for just an example.
  • Another option for you, should you choose, is to install a vertical style hand dryer, like the Dyson Airblade AB14, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel, the Saniflow Dualflow Plus, and other vertical models.
  • For a newer solution, the American Dryer ADA wall guard may be a perfect choice. This wall guard is surface mounted and can be installed under any current American Dryer unit to achieve ADA compliance while protecting your walls and floors from water.

While it may seem a complicated process when choosing the suitable ADA hand dryer for you, or your business, we're happy to walk you through all the various solutions and precisely explain why it may or may not make sense for your specific restroom needs. Call us toll-free at 888-503-7937 and ask to connect with one of our experts specializing in ADA-style hand dryers. At ProDryers®, you're in good hands. We're committed to using quality products and customer service excellence, making us the nation's leading and most trusted master distributors.