Cost Calculators

Hand Dryers will save thousands of dollars in costs vs. paper towel. In fact, many larger facilities have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in paper towel costs. Using paper towel is quite expensive and less hygienic in scenarios where paper mess is collected and spills onto the restroom floor, or worse yet, the paper towel dispenser runs out of paper. Now you have angry customers with wet hands. The choice is either to wipe their hands on their pants, or just spread germs by touching door handles with damp hands. Wet and damp hands have been proven to spread up to 1,000 more times bacteria than dry hands. Thus, the blazing fast hand dryers of today will cut down paper towel costs tremendously, but also, they improve hygiene and customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to a positive perception of your business. Below are Hand Dryer Cost Calculator links by some of the top manufacturers in the hand dryer industry:

Use the variety of Cost Calculators above to estimate the cost to run hand dryers and what the expected savings may be with the reduction or elimination of paper towel costs: