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We have direct, authorized access to Sloan which provides us with extremely low pricing capabilities. We have stocking commitments with Sloan which enables rock bottom pricing to our customer base. Some of our products will ship direct from us while (occasionally) others will be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Regardless, we will never purchase from wholesalers or other suppliers. Buying directly from the manufacturer in bulk allows us to provide the best possible prices. Please call us at 888-503-7937 for a best-price quote or to place an order by phone.

We have partnered with Sloan to provide our customer base with a full variety of commercial restroom plumbing supplies such as flushometers, vitreous fixtures, sensor faucets, sink systems, retrofit products, tank toilet flush solutions, soap dispensers, hand dryers, water control monitoring systems, replacement parts, shower heads, bedpan washers and more. ProDryers has quickly become a leading supplier of hand dryers and restroom accessories since 2006, making Sloan a strategic goal of ours. For the past few years, we have carefully planned out our growth strategies. Sloan offers over 10,000 product codes. We currently have a massive inventory (in stock) in our warehouse for fast shipment, but with over 10,000 products, we certainly can’t stock everything. Sloan has a handful of locations around the U.S. where we can pull from for shipment times with an average of a 2-10 business day lead time. Call us at 888-503-7937 and our sales team can assist you with specific part numbers and product codes. We offer the absolute best pricing. Call for a quote on quantity discounts now!

More about Sloan

Sloan has been a leading manufacturer of water efficient solutions since 1906. There are several divisions of the company, each offering unique products while striving for the same specialization in offering reliable products that help improve the quality of life of the customers and communities that the company serves.

Buy American Act with Sloan

Sloan is fully committed to supporting the country through the BAA and the ARRA, and the company stands behind these initiatives with their many U.S.-manufactured products. Sloan strives to help customers, in turn, meet their objectives of properly fulfilling the requirements of these Acts for projects that call for compliance. For more than 100 years, they have produced quality, water-efficient plumbing systems in the U.S., and 94% of their products meet BAA which enables customers to do their part to support America.