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Act-O-Matic Shower Heads by Sloan

Sloan Act-O-Matic showerheads deliver a powerful spray without wasting water. Each product is uniquely designed to provide an invigorating performance every time, featuring a specially developed self-cleaning spray disk that fights the build-up of particles that would otherwise cause blockage in water flow. Buy Sloan showerheads from ProDryers for the best prices on the market, as well as free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US.

The Sloan Act-O-Matic showerheads come in two basic designs: one is a basic style that is perfect for hotel guestrooms and fitness centers, and the other is a smaller, rounder style that is vandal-resistant, making it perfect for schools and prisons. The first style delivers an invigorating "cone-within-a-cone" spray for total body coverage and saves up to 20% of water or more, depending on the length of the shower. Depending on your preference, it can produce 2.0 or 2.5 gallons of water per minute, and the pressure can be adjusted with a universal ball joint that comes with (or without) a thumb turn. Meanwhile, the institutional and security models of Act-O-Matic Shower Heads are built for years of reliable service within high use/high abuse environments. They offer the same amount of body coverage as the less secure style and provide the same GPM options. One of the main differences between the variations of the secure models is that one requires access behind the wall for installation while the other doesn't.

In addition to our Sloan showerheads, we also offer a lot of replacement parts so that you can keep your shower head running for as long as possible. Check out our part replacement kits and ball joint coupling assemblies for more information.

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