No Heat Eco Hand Dryers | Low Energy, Low Watt Hand Dryers

It's been proven that drying hands fast does not require a heating element. And a heating element uses most of the electricity required to run a warm-air hand dryer. Our two best ECO hand dryers which use 540 watts and 500 watts to dry hands in 10-15 seconds are both USA made. We have the American Dryer ExtremeAir EXT and the XLERATOReco made by Excel Dryer. Both pull extremely low amps and require very little electricity to run. With no heat, the dryers dry hands nearly as fast and can save large facilities in operational and installation costs. Multiple dryers can be installed to a single line whereas a hand dryer with a heating element and most other hand dryers require a dedicated circuit. If you are considering a no heat Eco hand dryer, give us a call or buy online now.