American Dryer Commercial Hand Dryers

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American Dryer is very simple to understand and purchase. The top seller is the ExtremeAir which comes in 3 high-speed versions offering a dry time of 10-15 seconds. The GXT series (high-speed with heat), the EXT series (high-speed without heat) and the CPC series (uses cold plasma to kill germs and uses heat). The next in line is the American Dryer Advantage hand dryer which is a mid-range, 25 second dry time and operates in the high 60 dB ratings. It's fairly quiet, yet dries hands acceptably fast. Last is the GX series for low-traffic restrooms or tighter budgets. starting at just $159.00. Our top recommendation is the ExtremeAir high-speed hand dryer. Call us at 888-503-7937 or buy online now!

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