Amercian Dryer Hand Dryers

Finding today's most innovative, trusted brands of revolutionary commercial, professional, business, home-sanitation, and drying solutions can quickly become a headache. When you need the best, with the most competitive prices and the most trusted source, where do you go?

At ProDryers, we're humbled and proud to be the number one trusted source for all this and more. Partnering with only the most premium brands on the marketplace today, you'll find nothing less than exceptional products, like our collection of American Dryer hand dryers. Showcasing the American Dryer customer's most popular EdxtremeAir, the GTX series, the EXT series, the CPC series, the Advantage hand dryer, as well as replacement parts and accessories, we have one of the finest complete selections found online.

Are you looking for a more economical solution to owning an American Dryer, high-performance, ultra-durable hand dryer? Then you will want to take a look at our GX series. Perfect for fitting into any budget and lower traffic restrooms without sacrificing quality or excellence. When it comes to hand dryers, we believe in excellence in manufacturing and design, with a commitment to excel. We only offer and partner with brands that mirror our same commitment. American Dryer's dedication to American manufacturing and providing a complete line of hand dryers for every application makes them a brand we are honored to share with our customers.

Whether you need an American Dyer that features three high-speeds, a dry time of 10-15 seconds, high speed and heat, cutting edge cold plasma to kill germs, or a surprisingly quiet and fast dryer, American dryers can provide all of that and more.

If you need the guaranteed lowest price on any American Dryer hand dryers compared to all other major brands? We have that, too. With almost two decades of passionate attentiveness to service and superior hand dryer construction, we are excited to work alongside you!

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