American Dryer ExtremeAir Hand Dryers from ProDryers

Why Choose the ExtremeAir? It's quite simple:

  • Installed in the Statue of Liberty in 2008
  • 5 Year Warranty (Lasts 7-10 years on average, sometimes longer)
  • Energy Efficient - in fact, it's so energy efficient that it costs only 18-42 cents per thousand uses to operate electrically.
  • Extremely Powerful with a 10 second dry time.
  • Universal voltage of 100-240. It auto configures itself to run on the voltage you have available.
  • Adjustable sound and speed control is built in and super simple to set.
  • Most American Dryer products are made in the USA.

(scroll down to watch the ExtremeAir with optional ADA wall guard video and review before you buy...)

ProDryers is the most trusted ExtremeAir Hand Dryer distributor in the United States. Located just minutes from American Dryer, we are the premium ExtremeAir hand dryer supply company. We stock the ExtremeAir hand dryer in extremely high volume enabling us to provide unbeatable prices with fast same business day shipping (100% free of charge) and the best customer service in the hand dryer industry. Call us at 888-503-7937 or buy the ExtremeAir online now! Thank you for choosing ProDryers.

ProDryers is a top trusted Master Distributor of the ExtremeAir Hand Dryer. The Extreme Air is one of our top recommended hand dryers. It comes in (3) versions: The GXT, EXT, and CPC. The GXT and CPC are both heated hand dryers while the EXT does not use a heating element. The CPC uses cold plasma to kill nearly all of all bacteria on and around hands. Call us at 888-50-DRYER or 888-503-7937 as we are true American Dryer Extreme Air experts. We'll explain the differences of each ExtremAir hand dryer in depth so you can make the best choice with your investment. All ExtremeAir hand dryers are equipped with built in sound and speed control and smart voltage. The ExtremeAir will take thousands of signals per second from the electrical and auto-configure itself to run on anything from 100-240 volt.

The ExtremeAir was installed in the Statue of Liberty back in 2008 and has been installed around the world in restrooms of rest areas, zoos, arenas, venues, restaurants, bars, offices, government facilities, hockey rinks, bowling alleys, and so much more. Buy at the absolute best price at ProDryers and get free same day shipping when ordered by 3PM Eastern.

Watch the ExtremeAir with the optional ADA wall guard in action and review before you buy!