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Quiet Hand Dryers

All of the hand dryers in this category are either quiet, or can be made quiet by adjustable motor. We suggest the XLERATOR (any series) because it has a built in adjustable motor to control sound and speed. The ExtremeAir also has this feature.  Both brands are comparable for reducing noise levels.  By default both brands dry in 10 seconds at the high-speed setting which is about 80-84 dB. However, both can adjust all the way down to a quiet 69 dB and still dry hands in 20-25 seconds giving full control to the user. Just pop off the cover, and go counter clockwise on a screw to reduce the motor speed and noise level. Call us at 888-50-DRYER and we can walk you through the quietest hand dryers on Earth! It's important to understand that quieter hand dryers are moving air with less force and thus end up taking longer to dry hands. We want to find you the perfect balance between noise levels and speed. Call now!

More on Quiet Hand Dryers

Looking for quiet hand dryers? ProDryers offers the quietest hand dryers on the planet. But first, let's educate you on what makes a hand dryer quiet. The quietness or noise level is measured in decibels. Anything in the lower 60 decibel range is among the quietest hand dryers in today's technology. High speed hand dryers are often in the 80 decibel range, and sometimes even louder. However, it's the high speed hand dryers that are energy efficient and dry hands as fast as 10 seconds. If you are more concerned about noise levels due to young children, office environments, or library type settings, than you can look to either buying a quiet hand dryer that operates in the 60 decibel range but takes about 25 seconds or longer to dry hands, or, you can go with a high speed hand dryer that has an adjustable motor. Some high speed hand dryers offer adjustable sound, such as the all new eXtremeAir hand dryer by American Dryer. Consider looking at the GXT9 Series or EXT7 series hand dryers. It's made in the USA and it offers the flexibility of dialing down the motor to reach a custom sound and speed. The GXT9 and EXT7 hand dryers are good fits for any requirement. Another good choice is the Mitsubishi Jet Towel. Although it's a touch more expensive than hand dryers that blow downward, the Jet Towel is one of the quietest high speed hand dryers on the market. It can operate in the low 60 decibel range. If you are still set on super fast hand dryers such as the #1 selling Xlerator (100% made in the USA!), we provide all Xlerator hand dryers with pre-installed extended 1.1 nozzles which lower the Xlerator hand dryer down 10 decibels, making it the quietest hand dryer when operating at speeds as fast as a 12 second dry time.

Please fee free to call us at 888-50-DRYER to discuss the different options for quiet hand dryers that start as low as $159.00. All products ship 100% free to anywhere in the US from ProDryers!