World Dryer Hand Dryers

World Dryer is a company on a never-ending mission to build solutions to meet the unique challenges customers face in the safety, sanitation, performance, and compliance industries. With experience in the world of hand dryers since 1951 and continuous strives in hygienic technology since then, World Dryer is a company whose values, quality, and commitment meet our exacting standards.

In partnership with World Dryer, we present our gathering of affordable, high-speed, economical World Dryer hand dryers. As a trusted supplier of World Dyer, you'll find our selection, quality, and price points very difficult to beat anywhere else. Our collection includes:

  • SLIMdri
  • SMARTdri
  • A Series
  • Dry Baby
  • VERDEdri
  • VMAX
  • Airstyle Hair Dryers
  • AirForce
  • Electric Aire

Additionally, we have a wide range of replacement parts and accessories available for World Dryer products to ease maintenance and use. World Dryer hand dryers promote a cleaner, more environmentally conscious, high-performance difference in everyday fast-paced environments. With a premium hand dryer, you could save up to 99% cost versus paper towel usage. How excellent is the quality of our World Dryer products? Our customer reviews, some of the most highly rated yet, can quickly reveal just how trusted and customer-beloved our inventory is.

With almost 20 years of consistent, meticulous attention to the world of hand dryers, plumbing, and hygiene solutions, ProDryers® ensures that we are one of the top online shops providing the best solution for all your needs. When you need the guaranteed lowest price to accommodate all budgets, we've always had your back. Our passion is not only providing the top-of-the-line products found in the market today but excellence in quality, from our items to our dedicated customer service.

Would you like to know more about our World Dryer products? Do you have more questions that need an answer? As your industry experts, we're eager to help! Feel free to contact us anytime. Call us direct at 734-466-9767, toll-free at 1-888-503-7937, speak to us via our live chat on-site or email us at It would be our pleasure to find you the exact World Dryer perfect for all of your business or facilities needs.