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Advanced Oxidation and Hands-Free Restroom Design

Posted by Anthony DiCicco on Mar 13th 2020

My furnace broke yesterday and the timing could not have been better. The HVAC professional sold me on an advanced oxidation technology by a company called RGF Environmental Group, INC. We … read more

Hygiene with Hand Dryers

Posted by Excel Dryer on Oct 14th 2019

Hand dryers and hygiene: The facts (and features) of the matter To us at ProDryers and to countless facilities worldwide, the continuing debate over hand dryers v. paper towels—particularly … read more

Hand Dryers are too loud?

May 15th 2019

Hand Dryers are too loud? In the past, some have claimed hand dryers are too loud. Let’s hear the other side of the story from ProDryers, the hand dryer guru, a top trusted national master distrib … read more

Understanding LEED Credits with Hand Dryers

May 15th 2019

Understanding LEED Credits with Hand Dryers The LEED certification program is one that is recognized around the world. What is LEED? It stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. … read more