USA Made Hand Dryers

ProDryers is proud to make the statement that two of our top 3 hand dryer manufacturers are located here in the United States and produce high quality, USA made hand dryers. Both the Xlerator by Excel Dryer and ExtremeAir by American Dryer are USA made units. The Xlerator hand dryer qualifies for the Buy American Act. We sell 500 or more units per month every month and have had less than 10 warranty calls in 8 years. The historical data speaks for itself and that's why the Xlerator is the industry standard and current leader. The American Dryer ExtremeAir was installed in the Statue of Liberty back in 2008. You'll find both brands around the world working in facilities with the highest of restroom traffic. Buy top quality USA made hand dryers at the absolute best prices with free shipping to anywhere in the United States by ProDryers.