Compact Hand Dryers

Whether you've got large, spacious restrooms or are working with smaller, one-room stalls, we've got units that will be perfect for your washroom spaces. If you want to save space and have a hand dryer make less of a visual footprint, or you've got little room, you'll find a wide range of hand dryers designed to take up less space without sacrificing effectiveness.

Our inventory of small hand dryers showcases the best in business, with the quality, performance, and reliability our customers have come to expect from us. Here, you'll find the top-rated compact hand dryers to fit even the smallest facility's spaces from companies like Dyson, Excel Dryer, World Dryer, American Dryer, Bobrick, BluStorm, EcoStorm, and ASI.

Just a few of the benefits of choosing a small dryer is:

  • Wide varieties of energy-efficient and eco-friendly units help you reduce your company's financial and environmental impact.
  • Compact dryers free up valuable real estate in small or large restrooms, presenting a less bulky appearance.
  • Hand dryers keep your restrooms clean and sanitary
  • Less paper waste and paper waste management, less overseeing of continuously ordering paper towels to resupply, saving storage space.
  • You give your customers or employees a more accessible, convenient restroom experience with compact hand dryers that feature some of the fastest drying times.

When you want to deliver the cleanest restrooms and best visitor experience, especially when space is at a premium, you can rely on us to supply the most trustworthy, high-quality hand dryers available on the market today. We're here to help you with one of the largest inventories of space-saving dryers at the lowest prices anywhere. With over two decades of serving facilities, businesses, and the community, our unique insight allows us to provide expert advice and only provide the top manufacturers to date.

Curious about one of our small hand dryer models? Looking for advice on which model or brand would work best to meet your needs? Reach out to our deeply knowledgeable customer service representatives, and they would be happy to work with you to find the hand dryer right for you.