Compact Hand Dryers

We carry many compact hand dryers for saving space in smaller restrooms. When our customers call in for compact space saving units, we measure it in two ways. Our smaller dryers in regards to height and width are perfect for tight restroom spaces. And some of our customers need a thinner designed hand dryer in terms of depth. Whatever the case, below are out top selling compact hand dryers:

Which Compact Hand Dryer Do we Suggest?

Our top selling compact hand dryer has always been the ExtremeAir when considering a smaller hand dryer that still gets the job done fast. It's one of the most compact high speed dryers on the market, plus it's USA made. These are just our top selling compact units. A step down in price can get you into the Advantage series which is also compact, but delivers a 25 second dry time instead 10 seconds. It's not quite as powerful, but does a great job for the price. Call 888-503-7937 to learn more.