Baby Changing Stations

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Baby Changing Station Buying Guide:

It may seem confusing to browse through all of the brands and styles. When shopping for a diaper station for your commercial restroom, we make it easy to review each brand. It comes down to three concerns normally:

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Restroom Traffic

First, Let’s Look at Price:

When choosing a supplier, be sure they are authorized as a distributor and provide the best price. Read reviews and make sure the company is a reputable supply company. Baby changing stations are not normally expensive in comparison to other commercial restroom items. Baby changing stations do not provide much profit if any. Reputable washroom supply companies will not try to make a high profit margin on the sale of a diaper station. Thus, always price compare and make sure you are not overpaying. Our cheapest stations start out around $150. Don’t be fooled. Often cheap means less quality. This is not necessarily true with a commercial baby changing table. At ProDryers®, we only carry reliable, reputable brands.

Second, Choose a Quality Brand:

When it comes to price and quality, the more expensive brand is not necessarily the better quality. For this example, we will compare two of the most durable, trustworthy brands we carry. Koala and Foundations®.

Koala is more expensive because they as a company have achieved market dominance through demand. However, there are other manufacturers that make equal if not better quality changing stations. For example, Foundations®. In fact, Foundations® has been a reputable manufacturer for brands such as the well-known World Dryer Dry Baby.

Another brand we carry at ProDryers® is ASI (American Specialties, INC.). ASI offers a high quality and durable build. Consider the ASI 9012, which is a leading seller offering both quality and affordability. ASI, like Foundations®, starts out less than $200.

Third, Aesthetics to Fit and Match the Restroom Size and Décor:

When considering aesthetics, the type of restroom is important. Considering the audience, what type of décor does the restroom deign call for? Is it a fine dining restaurant? Fast food? Malls or shopping centers such as Walmart or Target? Or is it a venue such as a stadium, or arena? Maybe it’s a theme park. We have a baby changing station for every type of facility from public parks, to hotels and hospitals.

The choices are a commercial grad plastic material or a stainless steel. The most inexpensive material is the commercial grade plastic, which is normally infused with antimicrobial or built with polyethylene to prevent bacteria and provide the most hygienic and sanitary solution to changing diapers in a commercial washroom. Please see each baby changing station’s specification sheet for details. Each manufacturer may offer different sanitation solutions. Choose from a variety of colors such as cream, gray, granite, and more. Cream is by far the most popular commercial plastic baby changing station sold. Stainless steel is more expensive, but if the entire washroom is utilizing a stainless steel design, obviously you may want to choose stainless steel with the diaper station as well.

Most stations are pretty standard in size. However, to save space, you may consider buying a station with a built in place for dispensing liners. If space allows, purchasing a liner dispenser, normally recessed into the wall offers a convenient way for restroom users to line the diaper station with sanitary liners. Every manufacturer we carry also offers either a horizontal or vertical design. Horizontal is the most common baby station purchased, but vertical solutions are frequently needed due to space restrictions.

Fourth, Restroom Traffic can Play a Part in Choosing a Changing Station:

Just about all of our wall mounted baby changing stations can withstand high traffic restrooms. Nonetheless, the level of traffic for a given washroom may force you to purchase multiple stations. For example, a theme park such as Disney World would increase the probability of multiple babies needing his or her diaper changed in any given restroom at the same point in time. Offering a solution to keep restroom users moving fast minimizes lines and improves the overall quality of the facilities experience and presentation. Keep in mind, high volume restrooms may benefit from stocking liners in bulk. Be sure to call us for a quote on bulk purchases of liners. We are not looking to make much profit margin on liners, so be sure to call for 5 boxes or more.

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