Baby Changing Stations

Providing your customers and clientele everything they need is an essential part of your business. When it comes to the ultimate in restroom additions, providing a changing station is something not only crucial for your customers, but they will highly appreciate it.

Our curated offering of commercial baby changing stations contains today's cutting-edge, premium brands most trusted and beloved by customers worldwide. Brands you'll find here include Foundations, American Specialties, Inc., KOALA, Saniflow, Gamco, and World Dryer. With such a large selection, you'll find prices, quality, aesthetics, and the durability to withstand restroom traffic all in one convenient online section.

We are an authorized supplier of baby changing stations and a trusted and reputable source. Our customer reviews reflect some of the highest found online today, and when it comes to dedicating our expertise to finding the top-of-line brands, we always come through. Whether your facilities décor is fine dining, fast food, mall or shopping centers, big lot stores, or more—we'll have the perfect product to fit your needs for commercial baby changing stations.

Our mission is to continue to offer the industry's finest range of high-performance, premium-made hand dryers, hygiene, plumping, and baby changing stations you'll find online to date. With almost two decades of incredible customer service and excellent customer reviews, it is crucial to us that we provide critically acclaimed products at the best possible prices. Whether you are looking for commercial grade steel, plastic, infused antimicrobial plastic, polyethylene built for bacteria prevention, or something else—we'll have you covered.

Even if you're looking to restock or purchase liners for your baby changing stations, we offer these as well to cover every requirement. Are you curious to know more about an individual brand or our commercial baby changing stations? Have questions about a particular model? Our expert customer service team is ready to assist you!

Feel free to reach out to us via email at, join our live chat representatives on-site, or call us direct at 734-466-9767, toll-free at 1-888-503-7937. At ProDryers®, your shopping experience, the quality of our products, and customer service excellence are always our main priorities. When you need the ultimate selection of the best baby changing stations, we'll be here for you!