Turbo Hand Dryers for Sale

Are you looking for turbojet hand dryers that deliver speed, durability, and reliability? ProDryers® is a leading distributor in the hand dryer industry, and we love helping our customers choose the best hand dryer for their facilities. We know each customer's situation is unique, which is why we have a knowledgeable team of customer service staff ready to assist you at all times. (You can email us any time or call us during our business hours, which can be found on our "Contact Us" page.)

Our most popular turbo jet hand dryers come from brands like Excel Dryer, ASI, World Dryer, Saniflow, Dyson, and Palmer Fixture. All of the products from Excel Dryer are from the brand's XLERATOR and XLERATOReco series; the XLERATOR dryer is the first-hand dryer from the company, featuring an eight-second dry time and adjustable speed, heat, and sound control. The main difference between the XLERATOR and the XLERATOReco is that the XLERATOReco doesn't use heat and runs on only 500 watts of energy, making it the most efficient and energy-saving hand dryer on the market. Either product from Excel Dryer will be perfect for the environmentally conscious since they both save so much energy, power, and money in the long run.

The turbojet hand dryers we have from ASI come from their Turbo-Pro, Turbo-Dri, and Turbo-ADA series. The newest series is Turbo-Pro, featuring products that are elegantly designed and ADA compliant in a variety of colors and finishes. Each dryer has a HEPA filter that purifies the air before it dries your hands and sits in a separate chamber, so it can be easily accessed and replaced without having to take the whole dryer apart. The air's temperature and speed can be adjusted to suit the owner's needs, making these dryers some of the most convenient products in our selection of turbojet hand dryers.

Call our customer service team at 888-503-7937 (888-50-DRYER) for more information. They'll listen to your unique needs and walk you through all of the options available to you so that you can make the smartest, most informed decision possible. We have more than 50,000 satisfied and loyal customers, so what are you waiting for? Contact us and let us impress you today!