Excel Dryer XLERATOR Hand Dryer XL-BW, White Thermoset Resin (BMC) Cover, Automatic Sensor, Surface Mounted, LEED Credits, GreenSpec Listed, Commercial Hand Dryer

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Excel Dryer XL-BW XLERATOR® Hand Dryer

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* The Excel Dryer XL-BW is our top seller at ProDryers. It's durable, reliable, USA made (all Xlerator dryers are USA Made!), dries hands super fast, should last on average of 7-10 years, and most importantly, people love to use it! The XL-BW is a best seller at ProDryers and does a superior job at drying hands fast.

Enhanced Features

  • Adjustable Speed & Sound
  • Adjustable Heat Settings — High, Medium, Low And Off
  • Multi Voltage: 110-120V, 208-277V, 230V
  • Externally Visible Service LED To Assist With Troubleshooting (see owner's manual for codes)
  • 1.1 Quieter Nozzle Factory Installed (99.99% of our customers at ProDryers love the quieter nozzle)


  • 8 second Dry Time*
  • 80% Less Energy Than Conventional Hand Dryers
  • 95% Cost Savings Vs. Paper Towels
  • Made In USA Certified®
  • 7-Year Limited Warranty
  • BuildingGreen® Listed and Helps Qualify for several LEED® credits
  • A Hygienic Hand Drying Solution
  • Over a Decade of Proven Performance
  • Virtually Maintenance Free

Dry Times and Energy Use

  • * See manufacturer's website for testing methodologies.

Excel Dryer Xlerator XL-BW Helps Qualify for LEED Credits

The Excel Dryer XL-BW is GreenSpec Listed

XL-BW Specifications

  • 11 3/4" LG. X 12 11/16" HIGH X 6 11/16" DEEP
  • (298 MM LG. X 322 MM HIGH X 170 MM DEEP)
  • Weight:16 LBS. (7.3 KGS.)
  • Hand dryer cover shall be a one-piece, heavy-duty, rib-reinforced, die-cast zinc alloy. It shall be lightweight, unbreakable, rustproof and all exposed surfaces shall be bright chrome plated or finished with chip-proof, electrostatically applied epoxy paint and fastened to a wall plate by two chrome plated tamper-proof bolts.
  • Hand dryer wall plate shall be equipped with (3) 7/8" (22 mm) diameter holes, one of which shall be suitable for use with surface conduit, for ease of wiring.
  • All internal hand dryer parts shall be coated according to Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. requirements.
  • Entire mechanism shall be internally grounded.
  • Hand dryer motor shall be a series commutated through-flow discharge vacuum motor/blower (5/8 HP / 20,000 RPM) which provides air velocity of 16,000 LFM (linear feet per minute) at the air outlet and 14,000 LFM at the hands (4 inches [102 mm] below air outlet).
  • Hand dryer heating element (900 W) is constructed of Nichrome wire and mounted inside the blower housing, thereby being vandal proof. It shall be protected by an automatic resetting thermostat, which shall open whenever air flow is cut off and shall close when flow of air is resumed. It shall produce an air temperature of up to 135°F (57°C) at a 72°F (22°C) ambient room temperature at the hands (4 inches [102 mm] below air outlet).
  • Hand dryer Control assembly is activated by an infrared optical sensor located next to the air outlet. The dryer shall operate as long as hands are under the air outlet. There is a 35-second lockout feature if hands are not removed.
Limited Warranty

XLERATOR and XLERATOReco Hand Dryers now have a 50% longer life which is attributed to a new curved brush motor. All dryers are warrantied to be free of manufacturing defects for 7-years which covers all parts including the motor and sensor.

Excel Dryer XL-BW Xlerator specification chart for review

Excel Dryer XL-BW Xlerator dimensions and cut sheet for review

Review the Xlerator Hand Dryer Specs
Review the Excel Dryer Xlerator Information Guide Covering XL-BW, XL-W, XL-BL, XL-GR, XL-C, and XL-SB Models

Call 888-503-7937 now for bulk pricing on the Excel Dryer XL-BW and all Xlerator hand dryers. Or ask to speak with a hand dryer expert and we'll give you tips on why the XL-BW is probably one of the best possible choices you could make with a hand dryer purchase. ProDryers Tip: All Xlerator hand dryers sold by ProDryers have the 1.1 quieter noise reduction nozzle installed because the dry time is still 10-15 seconds while the noise level is reduced by up to 10 dB.

The Excel XLERATOR® XL-BW: A Powerful and Affordable Hand Drying Solution

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective hand dryer for your commercial restroom? Look no further than the Excel XLERATOR XL-BW! This American-made powerhouse combines impressive drying performance with a budget-friendly price tag, making it a perfect choice for a variety of applications.

Here's what sets the Excel XLERATOR XL-BW apart:

  • Fast Drying Times: Get hands dry in just 8-12 seconds, minimizing wait times and keeping restroom traffic flowing smoothly. This efficiency is ideal for busy washrooms in offices, restaurants, schools, and other high-traffic areas.

  • Durable Construction: Built with a tough, thermoset resin (BMC) cover, the Excel XLerator XL-BW is built to withstand the demands of everyday use. Its robust design ensures long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance needs.

  • Adjustable Speed and Sound Control: Unlike some dryers, the Excel XLerator XL-BW offers the flexibility to adjust drying speed and sound output. This allows you to tailor the dryer's operation to your specific needs. For instance, you can prioritize faster drying times in high-traffic areas or opt for quieter operation in noise-sensitive environments.

  • Energy Efficiency: The Excel XLerator XL-BW is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It boasts lower electricity consumption compared to some competitors, translating to cost savings on your utility bills over time.

  • Easy Installation: The Excel XLerator XL-BW comes with a simple mounting system, making installation on any wall a breeze. This minimizes downtime and ensures you can get your new hand dryer up and running quickly.

  • Hygienic Operation: The dryer's automatic sensor activation eliminates the need to touch the unit, promoting a more hygienic hand drying experience.

Beyond the Basics:

While the Excel XLerator XL-BW offers a compelling value proposition, there's more to the story:

  • American-Made Quality: Proudly manufactured in the USA, the Excel XLerator XL-BW signifies a commitment to quality and durability.

  • Trusted Brand: Excel Dryer is a recognized leader in the hand dryer industry, known for its reliable and innovative products.

  • ProDryers Expertise: At ProDryers, we are experts in Excel Dryer products. We can answer your questions, help you choose the right configuration for your needs, and ensure a smooth buying experience.

The Excel XLerator XL-BW is a perfect choice for those seeking a balance of performance, affordability, and ease of use. Contact ProDryers today to learn more about how this dryer can elevate your commercial restroom experience!

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