Manual Push Button Hand Dryers

Newer doesn't always mean better. That's why most hand dryers nowadays are built to be hands-free. As an alternative, we also offer push-button hand dryers from brands like Bradley Corp, Saniflow, and World Dryer.

Even though push-button hand dryers may be less common today, they offer many of the same benefits that newer hand dryers do. Such features include quick dry times, low noise levels, and environmentally friendly GreenSpec listed and LEED-approved materials.

Most of the push-button hand dryers we offer come from the World Dryer AirMax series. This series boasts 15-second dry times, a classic style design, and vandal-resistant durability. Each push of the button starts a 20-second drying cycle and a 50 degree (Fahrenheit) temperature rise. The AirMax series contains some of our most popular push button dryers.

Saniflow also sells a push-button dryer model available in five different finishes: white porcelain enameled cast iron, steel white enameled, steel bright, steel satin, and steel gold plated. It features an air nozzle that can rotate 360 degrees, vandal-proof screws on the cover and a robust design that guarantees it a long life. It's often used in locker rooms and aquatic facilities.

The hand dryer we have from Bradley Corp has a white cast iron cover and an aluminum back base. It comes from the Bradley Corp Aerix series and features a fixed nozzle.

Today's hand dryers have come a long way with technology. However, some of our customers are still looking for older push-button models. Whether you're looking for a less expensive product or for a hand dryer that will fit the style of your facility's vintage restroom, we've got what you need.

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