Hand Dryer Specifications

Below are some of the most popular brands of hand dryer specification and installation diagrams. Buy hand dryers at the absolute lowest, rock-bottom sales prices with free shipping at ProDryers.com. Call 888-50-DRYER or buy online now!

Hand Dryer Specifications and Installation Instructions from ProDryers.com
Excel Dryer Dyson Hand Dryer American Dryer World Dryer
Excel Dryer Xlerator Specs
Excel Dryer Xlerator Information Guide
Dyson Airblade Specs
All Dyson Airblade Specs
American Dryer Extreme Air World Dryer SmartDri Specs
World Dryer SlimDri Specs
World Dryer Airmax Specs
World Dryer Airforce Specs
World Dryer VERDEdri Specs

For even more hand dryer specifications, visit each hand dryer product detail page at ProDryers and read each spec sheet.