Top Selling Recessed Hand Dryers

Most recessed hand dryers are made to be ADA compliant. You can either buy a recess kit that fits a hand dryer you already have, a combo kit that includes the recess kit and the hand dryer, or one of our semi-recessed hand dryers, which will prevent you from having to cut too deeply into the wall during the installation process. No matter what ADA standards you need to meet or what fixture style you prefer, we have the right product for you from the brands you know and trust, including Excel Dryer, ASI, American Dryer, and Palmer Fixture.

American Dryer offers an ExtremeAir Hand Dryer with a Recess Kit, which happens to work well with all hand dryers from the American Dryer ExtremeAir and Global series. Featuring a seamless, one-piece design constructed from stainless steel, this hand dryer and recess kit is easy to install and reduces the protrusion of the dryer from the wall to less than four inches to meet ADA compliance.

The BluStorm2 from Palmer Fixture is a high-speed hand dryer with a stainless steel cover, designed with a unique blue light that helps conserve energy while in use. Not only will it save you thousands of dollars a year in electricity and paper towels, but it's also GreenSpec listed, which means its materials are more environmentally preferable than other hand dryers.

ASI makes a TURBO Tuff hand dryer from durable stainless steel to give it as long of a lifespan as possible. It dries hands quickly, in less than 15 seconds, and uses an infrared sensor that shuts off the power after the user's hands have been removed.

The XLERATOR stainless steel recess kit from Excel Dryer does not include a hand dryer, so keep that in mind as you shop with us.

If you have questions about any of our recessed hand dryers, call us at 888-503-7937 and ask to speak with a hand dryer expert. ProDryers is one of the nation's most trusted hand dryer suppliers, offering only the best products at the absolute best prices with fast, free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US. We look forward to serving you.