Sloan Hand Dryers

Sloan Hand Dryers for Sale

There are three different series of Sloan hand dryers, but every product is mounted on the wall, quiet, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and available in a variety of different finishes to match the aesthetic of any restroom. Sloan has proven that their dryers offer quicker drying times, make less noise, and use less energy than their competitors, which is why we're so excited to be able to offer them to you at the very best prices. ProDryers is proud to be an authorized dealer for ALL Sloan products.

The three series of Sloan hand dryers include Sloan Optima Air, Sloan XLERATOR, and Sloan XLERATOReco. The Optima Air series dries hands in 14 seconds, and it provides opportunities for several LEED v4 credits. With the heat on, it runs on 950 watts of power, but with the heat off, it runs on 300 watts. The models in this series feature a slimmer build to meet ADA compliance standards, making it the perfect addition to any restroom facility.

The Sloan XLERATOR provides an eight-second dry time, using an Infrared Optical Sensor to activate a strong blast of controlled air. Because of the dryer's lack of buttons and handles, there is little to no physical contact needed, which helps prevent the spread of germs. If you want to improve hygiene even further, you can also purchase the optional HEPA filter.

The Sloan XLERATOReco dries hands in 10 seconds, but it runs on no heat and uses only about 500 watts of power, which makes it the most energy-efficient hand dryer on the planet! Multiple units can be installed on one circuit, which is perfect for schools, hospitals, and any other buildings with high amounts of traffic.

Not sure which of our Sloan hand dryers would be best for you? That's what our customer service team is here for! Give us a call at our toll-free number 888-503-7937 (888-50-DRYER), or send an email to We have decades of hand dryer experience, so we're confident that we'll be able to find you the perfect product no matter what your needs are!