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Santizers, Deodorizers and Soap by Sloan

Because of the recent global pandemic, it's more important than ever to supply your restroom with the highest quality Sloan soap, sanitizers, and deodorizers on the market. That's where the HEALTHMINDER series comes in! Sloan offers a variety of liquid and foam soaps and urinal sanitizers to help you, your employees, and your customers prevent the spread of germs within your business. Buy Sloan HEALTHMINDER™ products for the most competitive prices and get free shipping anywhere within the contiguous US. Buy online or call 888-503-7937 now!

It's important to keep your restroom stocked with enough Sloan soap refills that you never have to worry about running out. The type of soap you need will mostly depend on the dispenser you have, so make sure you double-check your desired soap's product description to make sure that you'll even be able to use it. You have three options for deck mount soap dispensers: fragrance-free foam soap, scented foam soap, and scented liquid soap. Each bottle has 1,000 mL of soap inside; keep in mind that you're required to buy at least six bottles at a time. For wall-mounted soap dispensers, you can choose between four different 1,000 mL pouches: foam soap for dispensers with automatic sensors, foam soap for dispensers that you have to push manually, liquid soap for dispensers with automatic sensors, and liquid soap for dispensers that you have to push manually. Again, double-check that the soap you choose is compatible with the soap dispenser you already have or are purchasing.

Our Sloan sanitizers and Sloan deodorizers keep your urinals hygienic and clean-smelling. The water-free urinal cleaners come with a spray bottle and a small refill so that all you have to do is spray the surface you're cleaning and then either wipe it with a cloth or let it air dry. The smaller size of the refill bottle allows you to save space, which is ideal for storage purposes, and it's also economically priced. As a bonus, the formula for the solution is biodegradable, so you don't have to worry about accidentally damaging the environment.

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