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Sensor Operated Flushometers and Flush Valves by Sloan

Some of the most popular Sloan sensor flush valves we offer come from the ECOS, G2, and Royal series. We've broken down each series so that you can decide which of our Sloan sensor-operated flushometers is right for you, but if you read through our recommendations and still feel unsure, give us a call and we'll be happy to listen to what your needs are so that we can help you find the best options!

First up is the ECOS series of Sloan sensor flush valves. These flushometers come with either a dual-flush or single-flush model, which allows users to still flush the toilet/urinal in case of a power outage, but mostly use a touch-free sensor operation that saves up to 30% of water. The ECOS series is made up of reliable, hygienic, and water-efficient products, using an infrared sensor to initiate a flush ranging from 1.1 gallons per flush (GPF) to 1.6 GPF, depending on how long the user remains within the sensor's range. The buttons on the top also allow the user to manually choose between a standard or reduced flush at the user's discretion. The ECOS series is our most environmentally friendly selection of Sloan sensor operator flushometers!

The G2 series is Sloan's most advanced electronic flushometer, engineered to perform in environments with high levels of humidity, activity, and low-quality water. These flushometers use innovative electronic circuitry, automatically operating by means of an infrared sensor with multiple-focused, lobular sensing fields for a hands-free operation. There are three different models available to you: low consumption (1.6 GPF), water saver (3.5 GPF), and high efficiency (1.28). Each model features an adjustable tailpiece, a three-second flush delay, and a Courtesy Flush override button.

Sloan Royal flushometers are the ones that started it all, and they're still the industry standard for commercial restrooms worldwide. This series of flushometers features sophisticated materials, computerized engineering designs, and water-saving technology with a free-spinning Stop Cap to prevent vandalism.

Not sure which flushometer is right for you or your restroom facility? No problem! Give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you have.