Bedpan Washers from Sloan


When you shop with Pro Dryers, you're able to buy Sloan bedpan washers at the most competitive prices on the market and enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States. Crafted to save water while thoroughly cleaning bedpans in hospital and healthcare settings, these Sloan bedpan washers feature a spray head that cleans bedpans in seconds without splashback or after-drip. With products available from the Royal, UPPERCUT, Sloan, Regal, G2, ECOS, and SOLIS series, you have hundreds of options to choose from, making it easier than ever to find the perfect solution for your healthcare facility.

Some of our most popular Sloan bedpan washers come from the Sloan series, which is known for its durability. The Sloan series is built to last, saving water with its superior design and quality performance. What else could we expect from the most trusted name in the flushometer industry? In this series, products' flush volumes start as low as 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), and the product's water conservation effort is aided by the non-hold open handle, which prevents the bedpan from exceeding the intended flush volume. (This handle is also ADA compliant.)

The products in the Regal series focus on reliability, going back to the basics in terms of quality, design, and performance that you can depend on. The bedpan washers in the Regal series use the same non-hold handle that the Sloan series bedpan washers do, which helps conserve water by controlling the flush volume. The Regal series also features an adjustable tailpiece and uses Para-Flo Technology to control the accuracy of the low-consumption flush.

The Sloan Royal series of bedpan washers are in the same product line as the very first flushometers ever created. Some of the specific features of the series include a non-adjustable design, which ensures water conservation, superior diaphragm technology, and a free-spinning stop cap to reduce vandalism.

Make patient care easy with Sloan bedpan washers! If the sheer number of options feels overwhelming to you, don't worry: we have product experts standing by to take your call and answer any questions that you may have.