Dyson Airblade V | Dyson HU02 | Dyson V Hand Dryer

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Dyson Airblade V Buying Guide

The Dyson Airblade V still has HEPA filtration and the same 420 MPH air speeds that the original hands-in style Dyson Airblade provides, yet the price is almost 50% less expensive! In fact, the Dyson V hand dryer uses two HEPA filters because the airflow is separated into two distinct paths at the bottom of the dryer in a "V" shape, hence the name "Dyson Airblade V". The Dyson V hand dryer comes in two colors, sprayed nickel and white. Both colors are ABS vandal resistant covers. At nearly half the cost of the standard Dyson Airblade, the V is still offering the same performance, durability and power. It's a very popular choice for our customers and is quickly gaining even more demand. Plus it has a 5 year limited warranty on parts, but also labor provided by Dyson. This is the best warranty in the industry. With the "V" style airflow, the user places hands under the unit as 420 MPH air strips air downward from the users hands in just 12 seconds. We highly suggest adding the back panel made specifically for the Airblade V which will protect the walls from water, plus it looks much nicer.

The Dyson V is ADA compliant by its thin design, and still delivers a powerful 420 MPH, 12 second dry time. The Dyson newest HU02 uses (2) HEPA filters to eliminate 99.97% of all bacteria in the Air. ProDryers stocks the Dyson Airblade V in high volumes to offer the absolute best pricing and fast free shipping. Buy online now or call 888-503-7937 to talk with a hand dryer expert.