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SLOAN Basys Faucets

When it comes to preserving one of the most precious, natural elements on our planet, few companies can claim the same dedication and passion that SLOAN© can. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial plumbing systems and solutions, they are backed by more than a century of pioneering innovative, water-saving restroom solutions built to last customers a lifetime.

With such passion and meticulous detail to design and quality, it just made sense for us to partner with such an esteemed company to provide these breath-taking, innovative products to our customers. SLOAN © BASYS faucets showcase a bold, sleek and modern faucet, with versatile and interchangeable components, to meet the needs of any application or environment SLOAN© faucets may find themselves installed.

The SLOAN© BASYS faucets collection features low, mid, high, and wall models with a vast range of features tailored to meet unique needs.

  • All serviceable components located above deck.
  • A single Allen wrench provides one-tool service access to all key components. No additional tools are required.
  • Interchangeability of all parts means upgrades, repairs and maintenance become extremely easy and cost-effective for all faucets.
  • All faucets come with a standard three-year limited warranty.
  • Integral water supply shut-off.
  • Single hole installation.
  • Faucet configurable to add solar and LCD
  • LCD display of water temperatures and scrub time.

Additionally, SLOAN© BASYS faucets feature capacitance sensing for extra assurance against damages, making these faucets one of the more modest profile faucets to minimize the potential for vandalism. A SLOAN© faucet is a perfect solution for high-use, low-security environments with added durability thanks to integrated bases.

When you shop our BSYS faucets, you are guaranteed the lowest, most competitive prices on the market today. With almost 2 decades of expertise within the hygiene industry and plumbing world, we've dedicated our passion to providing excellence in customer service and the highest quality solutions for all environments worldwide.

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BASYS Faucet Styles

  • Low - The modest profile minimizes the potential for vandalism, making this body type ideal for high-use, low-security environments. For extra assurance against damage, opt for the capacitance mode
  • Low Integrated Base - Ideal for the most demanding high-use environments. The integrated base offers added durability via two attachment points. The capacitance model is especially robust
  • Mid - This model provides optimal height and proportions for effective hand washing, making it well suited for most restroom environment
  • High - The tall profile offers a distinct aesthetic as well as an optimized delivery angle that permits a greater wash area. Users can scrub up to their forearms if desired
  • Wall - Elimination of the deck translates into uninterrupted clearance and a striking appearance. The spout attaches directly to a valve box in the wall, making this body type easy to install and secure.

Universal Features

  • One tool service - A single allen wrench provides access to all key components. No additional tools required
  • Shared parts - Interchangeability of components simplifies orders, upgrades, repairs and maintenance
  • Visible diagnostics - Individual external diagnostic LEDs indicate the health and status of key components
  • Automatic shut-off - One twist of the solenoid caddy shuts off water supply to facilitate cleaning or replacing the filter
  • Power options - Multiple power harvesting options are available to suit the unique needs of each environment
  • Sleep mode - With a touch, staff can temporarily turn off the water in order to clean a sink
  • Line purge - All models include a line purge function to eliminate the stagnant water that can lead to bacterial growth.
  • Flow rates - Three spray inserts – multi-laminar spray, full stream aerated and full stream laminar – offer options to adjust feel and flow rate.
  • Warranty - All products have a standard three-year limited warranty.