Electric Hand Dryers

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Here is a quick tip: all hand dryers are electric. At this time, there are no battery operated commercial hand dryers, and no solar powered hand dryers. Most hand dryers (99.9%) must be hard-wired by an electrician. Very few hand dryers plug in to an electrical outlet, but we do carry a few. So this page will only list our top selling electric hand dryers, but not all as we carry hundreds. At Prodryers, we have the highest quality in electric hand dryers. We carry Dyson, Excel Dryer, American Dryer, Saniflow, Bobrick, World Dryer, Palmer Fixture, Mitsubishi, and more. Our selection of electric hand dryers is the widest range in quality available online. Popular brands such as the Xlerator or ExtremeAir save companies thousands of dollars per year in paper towel. Today's electric hand dryers are energy efficient and save 80% vs. old hand dryer technology, and as high as 99% vs. paper towel. For example, the Extreme Air EXT by American Dryer only costs 18 cents per 1,000 uses to operate electrically. The all new Excel Dryer Xlerator ECO hand dryer only uses 500 watts and can handle 3 dryers installed to a single line. If you are looking to conserve on energy and electrical usage, we have dryers that use very little electricity. ProDryers offers free shipping on all electric hand dryers, to anywhere in the continental US. Thanks for choosing ProDryers!

Help Choosing Voltage

Most hand dryers purchased from us are 110 volt to 120 volt. 110-120 v means anything in between including 115 volt. For some modern buildings, 208 volt or 220-220 volt hand dryers are required. And in some rare cases such as industrial buildings or at times larger schools, the electrical may run on 277 volt. When ordering electrical restroom dryers, some units are universal voltage normally running anywhere from 110-240. And with some units, the voltage must be specified. As technology evolves, we expect all future designed products to be equipped with multi-voltage. Please call us at 888-503-7937 if you need any assistance with understanding the different voltage options.