iStorm2 Hand Dryer, Palmer Fixture HD0983-17, HEPA / Carbon Filter, Hygienic, Quiet High Speed, White ABS, Stylish Design, Adjustable Air Speed, Blue LED Light

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Palmer Fixture HD0983-17 iStorm2 Hand Dryer

*** The Palmer Fixture iStorm2 hand dryer is one of the hottest new hand dryers on the market, featuring the latest in hand drying technology. ProDryers is a master distributor of the iStorm2 hand dryer with prices that can't be beat. Call 888-503-7937 now for quantity discounts. ***

Lowest Price on iStorm2 Hand Dryer iStorm2 Hand Dryer Specs

This intuitive high speed hand dryer dries hands in just 10 seconds. Users dry hands in a comfortable position without water splash-back. The iStorm2 utilizes water absorbing ceramic technology eliminating water overflow preventing wet restroom floors. The iStorm2 has an airspeed adjustment, on-off heater switch, and dual-color LED sensor indicators for a superior hand-dry.

  • Ergonomic Innovation (users dry hands as comfortably as they wash them)
  • Ingenious Design (allows easy accessibility of all ages and disabilities)
  • Dual Color LED Sensor (allows user to maximize efficiency)
  • Adjustable Air Speed (it's already as quiet as high speed gets, but it can go ultra-quiet)
  • On/Off Heat Switch (save more energy)
  • Innovative Ceramic Absorbent Plate (this amazing new technology absorbs water blown to the back of the unit)
  • Innovative Air Outlets (forces air down and back, avoiding splash-back)
  • Hygienic Space Opening (allows users to dry hands without touching sides of dryer)
  • Antibacterial Coating (prevents growth of bacteria and harmful microorganisms, lasts life of the dryer)
  • Super Filter (HEPA, Carbon, and antibacterial eliminates 99% of airborne particles)
  • Removable Drip Tray (any water not captured by the ceramic absorbent plate is easily emptied)


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Choose Voltage above of 110-120, 208-240 or 277 volt
  • 1200 Watts (750 w/ heater off)
  • 1 HP Brush Type Motor, Dual Ball Bearings
  • 11,000 - 20,000 RMP Motor Speed
  • 450 W On/Off Heating Option
  • 3 W Standby Power Consumption
  • Dual LED Color, Standby (red), Active (blue)
  • Polycarbonate ABS Cover
  • Anti-microbial integrated external resins and seals (prevents bacterial growth)
  • Super Filter (3 layers - HEPA, Carbon, Antibacterial)
  • Absorbent Ceramic Plate & Drip Tray (captures nearly 100% of all water!)
  • Dry Time of 10 seconds
  • Adjustable Airspeed up to 224 MPH
  • 66.1 dB (quiet operation)
  • Dimensions: 23.25" X 12.75 X 7.25

iStorm2 Hand Dryer Operating Instructions Manual

iStorm2 Hand Dryer images with hands placed inside:

iStorm2 Hand Dryer Vs. Dyson Airblade

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