Hands-In Style Hand Dryers | Alternatives to the Airblade

Dec 31st 1969

Hands-In Style Hand Dryers

Many of our customers ask us for hands-in style hand dryers or alternative choices to the Dyson Airblade. We are a master distributor of the Airblade so we naturally support it as one of the best hand dryers on the market. However, to be fair to our customers, this page was designed so the alternative choices can be compared. The powerful Dyson Airblade really set the standard for the so called “ hands-in” dryer. However, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel was the first hands-in style dryer. In fact, the new Mitsubishi Jet towel released May 1st, 2013 has many generations of the Jet Towel technology perfected into a super high quality machine rich with cutting-edge features. While the technology and design are quite unique, there are a few more very similar options like this product. The VMax produced by World Dryer dries hands as fast as the Airblade at around 10-12 seconds. One great feature of the VMax is its ability to retain water, any water blown off your hands is captured by the removable water tray. LED lights at the top of the dryer indicate when to empty the removable tray. What often comes with the purchase of a hand dryer is the need to hire an electrician for installation; however the VMax is equipped with a UL approved plug to go right into an existing outlet. If noise level is an issue in purchasing a hand dryer, then look no further than the Mitsubishi Jet Towel. This dryer is comparable to the other high speed hands-in dryers that wipe water from hands in 10 to 12 seconds. However where this product is unique is the sound level, it can range from 61 to 64 decibels which is about the sound level of normal conversation and two times quieter than average. The Jet Towel also includes a water reservoir to help eliminate dangerous wet restroom floors. The DualFlow Plus by Saniflow is another alternative to the Dyson Airblade. While hand dryers already run very efficiently and save money, the DualFlow Plus saves 57% more than the other hands-in dryers. The dry time is around 10-15 seconds, but this product also collects excess water and has the availability to switch the heat on and off. Our next set of dryers makes the hands-in position much more ergonomic. The iStorm by Palmer Fixture and Triumph from ASI are each positioned so that you dry your hands just as comfortably as you washed them without having to bend over. Each of these dryers eliminates water from the hands in just 10-12 seconds, and also obtains it with drip trays and an absorbing ceramic plate that grabs any water not collected in the tray. Although the iStorm and Triumph eliminate bacteria with HEPA filters, the iStorm takes another step further. The iStorm has an anti-bacterial coating to reduce the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Also taking the design a little further, blue LED’s illuminate the drying area while washing hands which then turn to red during standby. All of these alternatives are great options; purchasing is a matter of where they are being used and personal preference. If you have any other questions about the hands-in dryers or any of our 2500 restroom products call 888-50-Dryer to talk to our experts. All of our orders ship for free to the contiguous 48! Some units will even ship to Hawaii and Alaska for free. Select units offer 2 day air free of charge. Call 888-50-DRYER now to learn in depth about each hands-in style dryer. Plus, ask about our top selling USA made hand dryers, the Xlerator and the ExtremeAir.