Hand Dryer Cover Options | Plastic, Stainless, Aluminum

Dec 31st 1969

Hand Dryer Cover Options

Hand Dryers come in a variety of covers. But by far, the most common cover sold in the United States (at ProDryers based on historical sales data) is the BMC and ABS, white, commercial grade plastic covers. The Excel Dryer XL-BW white BMC cover is one of the most popular choices.

Quite often our customers call in confused on the differences of each hand dryer’s cover material. Within each brand, there is no difference with the motor, electrical usage, or drying performance, but only the material used for the cover. You are basically paying for the material in the cover, but getting the same exact performance. For example, an XL-BW hand dryer motor is the same as an XL-SB stainless steel unit and no different than an XL-GR graphite model. Of course, most people would prefer a stainless steel cover vs. a plastic cover, but keep in mind, most plastic covers are vandal resistant. Many videos can be watched on the Dyson Airblade ABS cover showing the rigorous testing methods used by Dyson engineers. Dyson hand dryers are among the most durable and vandal resistant hand dryers built today.

We have noticed that in other parts of the World, plastic covers are not as popular as they are in the United States. However, in the U.S., the BMC and ABS covers seem to be the hand dryers of choice.

To best choose a cover, we suggest looking at the target audience of the restroom. We may suggest a darker colored hand dryer like a graphite or black cover for busy industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants or restrooms used for auto mechanics due to potential dirty finger prints. We may also suggest a darker hand dryer in high traffic restrooms such as schools where students may attempt to write on the hand dryer cover with dark pens or markers. Bright polished hand dryers such as chrome or bright stainless steel covers work better in these areas as well. Offices and areas where cosmetic vandalism is not much of a concern, the white BMC and ABS plastic covers are fine. We may suggest brushed stainless steel in restaurants or car dealerships as the décor often looks much nicer with a brushed stainless steel to satisfy important customers. We even have red cover hand dryers such as the XL-SP Red Xlerator which would go perfect with many food chains such as Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Red Robin, and even McDonald’s and Burger Kings. Red hand dryers often go great in night clubs as well. Our red hand dryers are made of a zinc die cast aluminum with a red paint over it. We even offer custom wrapped designs such as our Excel Dryer Xlerator XL-BF blue fusion cover. And we can customize any desired cover by wrapping an image over the hand dryer cover. If you have a custom request, call us at or 888-50-DRYER.

Thus, as you are shopping through our wide selection of hand dryers and considering the different covers, keep in mind, the white plastic covers are the most popular and fit most budgets best, but the brushed stainless steel is a close second followed by graphite, white aluminum or steels and a variety of other cover options such as chrome, bright stainless steel, black, red, blue, etc.. Call ProDryers, the hand dryer guru at 888-50-DRYER. We love to help customers with hand dryer questions!