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Sloan PWT Push Buttons

Waterproof PWT® Push Buttons are intended to be paired with MicroPlumb® controllers, giving a manual option to PWT activation. The push buttons can manually operate water closets, lavatories and showers.

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Sloan 3375000 MCR-231-D SW Kit (D Hole) 180” Sloan 3375012 MCR-140-A Push Button with 15’ cord Sloan 0375169 MCR-183-A-1 Push Button Assembly
Sloan 0375185 MCR-183-A-2 Push Button Assembly Sloan 0375282 MCR-184-A-1 Push Button Assembly Sloan 0375176 MCR-184-A-2 Push Button Assembly
Sloan 0375227 MCR-184-A-3 Push Button Assembly Sloan 0375193 MCR-184-A-4 Push Button Assembly Sloan 0375196 MCR-184-A-5 Push Button Assembly
Sloan 0375170 MCR-184-A-6 Push Button Assembly Sloan 0375173 MCR-184-A-7 Push Button Assembly Sloan 0375174 MCR-184-A-8 Push Button Assembly
Sloan 0375175 MCR-184-A-9 Push Button Assembly Sloan 0375190 MCR-184-A-10 Push Button Assembly Sloan 0375189 MCR-184-A-12 Push Button Assembly
Sloan 0375180 MCR-184-A-14 Push Button Assembly Sloan 0375039 MCR-60-A Lavatory Push Button 1” Wall Sloan 0375053 MCR-60-A-1 Lavatory Push Button but less than 1” Wall
Sloan 0375055 MCR-60-A-10 Lavatory Push Button 10” Wall Sloan 0375314 MCR-60-A-16 Lavatory Push Button 16” Wall Sloan 0375056 MCR-60-A-2 Lavatory Push Button 2” Wall
Sloan 0375057 MCR-60-A-3 Lavatory Push Button 3” Wall Sloan 0375058 MCR-60-A-4 Lavatory Push Button 4” Wall Sloan 0375059 MCR-60-A-5 Lavatory Push Button 5” Wall
Sloan 0375060 MCR-60-A-6 Lavatory Push Button 6” Wall Sloan 0375061 MCR-60-A-7 Lavatory Push Button 7” Wall Sloan 0375062 MCR-60-A-8 Lavatory Push Button 8” Wall
Sloan 0375054 MCR-60-A-9 Lavatory Push Button 9” Wall
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