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Buy the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Hand Dryer from a Trusted Supplier

ProDryers is a well-trusted master distributor of the Mitsubishi Jet Towel. There isn't a supply shop on the planet where you can get a better price. We are one of very few master distributors and stock all Jet Towel models. We make shopping easy. Buy online or call 888-503-7937 now and enjoy our low price guarantee. We ship same day, fast and free of charge.

Why is the Mitsubishi Jet Towel a Good Choice?

Honestly, it depends on the facility and the audience using the commercial restroom. The hands in Jet Towel is perfect for offices such as doctor offices, dental offices, or any workplace environment. The hands-in style dryer offers a water containment feature eliminating water dripping onto restroom floors. It Dries hands at 237 MPH and offers an on/off heat switch to conserve energy. With the adjustable motor, a quieter setting can be set to avoid disturbing noise sensitive areas. This high quality Mitsubishi product has evolved from its earliest design as the first high speed hand dryer. In fact, some of the original units built in the 90's still run today in Tokyo. The technology and design is durable and reliable.

The new Jet Towel SMART hand dryer is a compact, wall mounted unit and offers a similar design and functionality of the standard surface mounted brands seen around the world in rest areas, stadiums, theme parks, venues, schools, fast-food restaurants and more. Optional heat allows for even more energy savings by giving the customer the choice of utilizing the heating element or turning it off. The Mitsubishi SMART is designed for high traffic public restroom areas.

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