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Dec 31st 1969

Wall Splash Guards for Xlerator Hand Dryers

As with all new technology, improvements are constantly being made to help create the perfect product. One frequent complaint with high speed hand dryers is that they splash water onto walls. Well one of the leaders in hand dryers has found a solution to keep excess water off the walls. Excel, most known for developing the Xlerator hand dryer has introduced the wall splash guard. Often excess water on walls can contain some bacteria that may grow and ruin the finish of the wall. The bacteria can possibly create stains on the surface on which it lies. Excel’s wall splash guard for hand dryers prevents this from happening and also helps reduce the spread of bacteria. Built into the splash guard is an anti-microbial plastic from one of the most trusted names in the industry, Microban®. This technology will help inhibit any bacteria and will continue to do so through the life span of the product. The wall guard cleans very easily and is available in three different color options, black, white, and stainless. Installing is very easy; the guard is mounted right underneath the Xlerator. It mounts with four pieces of double sided 3M adhesive tape. If you don’t have an Xlerator, or want to also keep water off the floors along with keeping the walls dry, check out some of our “hands-in” dryers that actually collect and contain excess water. Some of these options are the iStorm, Mitsubishi Jet Towel, and World Dryer VMax. ProDryers is also your trusted distributor for over 2,500 restroom accessories. All of our items ship free to the contiguous 48 states and most of our hand dryers even ship same day if ordered before 3 p.m. Eastern! Call our experts at 888-50-DRYER for any questions or information regarding our restroom and commercial bathroom, products.

Xlerator Models

  • Excel XL-BW – White BMC Cover
  • Excel XL-W – Zinc Die-Cast Aluminum White
  • Excel XL-GR – Zinc Die-Cast Aluminum Graphite
  • Excel XL-BL or XL-SP Black – Zinc Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Excel XL-C – Chrome (Bright Polished look)
  • Excel XL-SB – Brushed Stainless Steel
Xlerator Hand Dryer: Xlerator w/wall splash guard:
Xlerator hand dryer offers wall splash guard as option to keep water off walls Xlerator hand dryer with wall splash guard