XLERATOR Hand Dryer Reviews | Comparison of Each Model

Dec 31st 1969

Xlerator Hand Dryer Reviews

At ProDryers, we specialize in the Xlerator hand dryer. Our customers are often looking for Xlerator hand dryer reviews and a simple explanation on what the real differences are with each model or SKU. The Xlerator hand dryer is the most popular hand dryer in the United States and probably beyond. It’s a USA made product and the warranty is by far one of the best two warranties any hand dryer manufacturer offers.

WARRANTY (second to none)

The Xlerator currently (5-30-2013) has a 5 year warranty on parts. You might be confused when you find warranties such as 10 year or even limited labor warranties offered by some manufacturers. Don’t be fooled! Trust us; there is nothing on this earth that is supported by a better warranty program. What you may not understand is even the 10 year warranties are often products coming from overseas. Actually, at the time of this article, all 10 year warranties are from products made in China, Malaysia, Spain, etc., and we have experienced delays in getting the manufacturers to warranty the product in a reasonable time. So take this Xlerator hand dryer review written personally by us, and take it to heart because the single most important factor in our business is satisfying our customers with the best products available. We have earned a high-trust reputation in the hand dryer industry. Our words are backed by that reputation. The Xlerator warranty is backed by Excel Dryer which makes the products here in the USA. Thus, there will be no delays on parts and the product will rarely have any issues at all. The Xlerator will last on average, 7-10 years. We have been selling them since 2005. We currently sell 500 per month, give or take. Since we started selling the Xlerator, we have had less than 10 ever need a warranty repair. And the ones that did, the manufacturer took care of our customers right away, without delay.


In reviewing the Xlerator hand dryer, keep in mind; it is one of two USA made high speed hand dryers on the market. Most of the hand dryers today do come from overseas. The Xlerator by Excel Dryer and the ExtremeAir by American Dryer are the only two USA made high speed hand dryers, and we support both brands as our top quality products. This review proves that high quality products are still being made in America. Our strong support for both of these companies is unquestioned.


Another attribute to review with the Xlerator hand dryer is the performance and how it measures up to the rest of the hand dryers on the market. The fact is: nothing is more durable. Nothing dries hands faster (no matter what the claims), and nothing is received by the restroom users better. The whole goal of hand dryers from a business stand point is to eliminate paper towel, or at least reduce the usage of it. The challenge after installing a hand dryer is getting the users to enjoy using it. The Xlerator is by far, one of the most well-received hand dryers by the end user. Everybody loves to use it which is why the dryer has become the top brand and literally the industry standard. That should be enough of a review on the Xlerator hand dryer in itself. For more information and case studies, visit our educational page on hand dryers vs. paper towels. The Xlerator hand dryer is suited for heavy use such as zoos, stadiums, schools, venues, malls, movie theaters, parks, and anywhere else that requires a durable, high speed hand drying solution.


When reviewing the Xlerator, customers always ask us what the difference is in each SKU or model. It’s not always obvious whencomparing the Xlerator models, but the simple answer is: each Xlerator is identical in performance, size, and longevity. The internals are unchanged per SKU. The only difference is the material used for the cover, which drives the differences in price. We’ll explain each cover below:

XL-BW – White BMC Commercial Grade Plastic. Often, our shoppers question the durability of a plastic cover. We always have to point out that it is vandal resistant as it is commercial grade. You can’t easily harm this material. You could literally take a baseball bat to it and you’d find the XL-BW can withstand severe punishment. The XL-BW white Xlerator hand dryer is the #1 seller in the United States.

XL-W – White Zinc Die Cast Aluminum. This cover is metal with a white epoxy paint finish. It’s also quite vandal proof. If you are worried about scratches, keep in mind, it can always be repainted easily. It’s also a smooth surface and easy to clean.

XL-GR – Graphite Zinc Die Cast Aluminum. This cover is also constructed of aluminum and has graphite textured paint over it. The graphite paint is almost a charcoal gray color. It’s a great choice if there is a chance of dirty fingerprints or darker colors invading the cover. The graphite color is often chosen as a décor reason as well. It really just comes down to preference.

XL-BL – At ProDryers, we always keep the XL-SP black (we call it the XL-BL) in stock. It’s the same as the XL-W, but uses a black paint instead. It’s darker than the XL-GR and is as close to midnight black as any hand dryer on the market. It is quite popular with our customers.

XL-C – The Excel Dryer XL-C is also a cast cover, chrome plated hand dryer with a bright, polished look and finish. The XL-C is always overstocked at ProDryers so call for the best price.

XL-SB – The brushed stainless steel cover is one of the most popular choices. If you are looking for good reviews on this XL-SB Xlerator hand dryer, rest assured, this is the finest material money can buy in terms of a quality cover built to last. The XL-SB is often purchased by car dealerships, zoos, schools, stadiums, venues, parks, restaurants, bars, offices, police stations, hotels, hospitals, fire departments, bowling alleys, deli’s, bakeries, fitness centers, gyms, yoga studios, dance studios, and much more. This cover is the best of the best and it’s sure to look outstanding in any commercial restroom or bathroom.

ProDryers is a master distributor of the Xlerator hand dyer. We hope you find this Xlerator hand dryer review article helpful with your purchase decision. Please call us at 888-50-DRYER with any questions as we do pride ourselves in walking our customers through the different choices. ProDryers is the hand dryer distributor you can trust!