How to Stop Restroom Vandalism | Eliminate Paper Towels

Dec 31st 1969

Stop Restroom Vandalism

There are a number of ways one can vandalize a restroom. For whatever reasons, some people vandalize public restrooms. The worst cases are usually schools, bars, night clubs, sports stadiums, venues hosting activities such as concerts, rest areas, movie theaters, parks, or anywhere younger males, teens, children, or alcohol is served. The main areas targeted are usually waste receptacles, mirrors, toilets, sinks and paper towel dispensers. Vandalizing can involve plugging up sinks with paper towel and letting them run water so it overflows onto the floor, stuffing toilets with paper towels, tossing toilet paper or paper towel all around the restroom, sticking bubble gum in places where it shouldn’t be, and even much worse ideas. We’ve even heard of teens dropping fire crackers or m80’s down the toilet and flushing them so pipes explode.

Bottom line, people can be ruthless when it comes to vandalizing a restroom. If your goal is to prevent the act of vandalism in a restroom, there are a number if things you can do. First, eliminate the #1 source of vandalism, the paper towel! If they can’t stuff toilets with paper towels, it will eliminate most of the cases. When it comes to vandalizing restrooms, eliminating paper towel dispensers with hand dryers is a sure way to combat vandalism. Automatic flush valves that can detect solid waste are also a great solution as the force of the flush is automatically handled. Anything stuffed into the toilets will be attempted to be flushed. We’d suggest getting the AC powered with the DC battery backup. In severe cases, a restroom attendant will be required as the only full-proof solution to preventing restroom vandalism. In most cases, eliminating paper towel with a high speed, vandal-resistant hand dryer such as the Xlerator hand dryer, Dyson Airblade, or American Dryer ExtremeAir is enough to prevent vandalism which usually stems from the misuse of paper towel.