Sloan EBV-500-A Optima Plus Single Flush Retrofit Kit, Battery Powered, Sensor Activated, for Water Closet or Urinal Flushometers

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Normally Ships Free Same Business Day!

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Sloan EBV-500-A Single Flush Side Mount Retrofit Kit, Sloan EBV500A

Sloan EBV-500-A (EBV500A) is In stock, super low price, we normally ship same day, expedited shipping available. Turn almost any Sloan manual flush valve into a sensor operated flushometer. This simple single-flush side mount retro fit kit will install in just seconds. Convert any manual flush valve to a battery operated flush valve quickly and efficiently. The Sloan EBV-500-A offers smart sense technology, innovation, battery operation, and it even comes with true mechanical override which ensures the ability to perform a manual flush should the batteries fail. This is one of the most popular side-mount flush valve retro fit kits available on the market. We stock them in bulk to offer the best pricing.

Extremely low, hard to beat Sloan EBV-500-A price. In fact, it will be near impossible to beat our price as we stock them and have special pricing. We'll even ship the Sloan EBV-500-A same day when ordered by 3PM Eastern. Call us at 888-503-7937 with questions or for quotes on bulk pricing. We are an authorized, well-trusted Sloan supplier.

Side Mount unit features a sleek design, sensor-activation and proven diaphragm technology combined with hands-free operation in restrooms where it would be difficult to install an electrical hook-up. Are available as either Dual-Flush Side Mount (water closet only) or Single-Flush Side Mount options.

Sloan® SFSM flushometers are equipped with Smart Sense Technology™, which applies extended range and logic techniques to significantly reduce water usage in high use urinal applications, such as when a continuous line of people (or queue) forms. In fact, during a continuous queue, regardless of the number of users, the maximum amount of water used is only 2.5 gallons, assuming a 0.5 gpf diaphragm kit.


  • Flush cycles start as low as 0.125 gpf (0.5 Lpf) for urinals and 1.28 gpf (4.8 Lpf) for water closets

  • Automatically activates by means of an infrared sensor for touch-free operation

  • Water volume cannot be externally adjusted to exceed intended flush volume

  • 3 Year Warranty with Sloan, Limited

Sloan EBV-500-A SFSM Retrofit Kit Spec Sheet

Download the Sloan EBV-500-A Spec Sheet

The Sloan EBV-500-A Retrofit Kit Converts any Urinal or Closet Flush Valve to an Automatic Flushometer

  • Retrofits to Royal, Sloan, and Regal flush valves as well as many competitive flush valve brands.
  • Chrome plated housing
  • Includes (4) C cell alkaline batteries
  • 3 year battery life at 3,000 flushes / month
  • ADA compliant infrared side mount sensor for automatic hands-free activation
  • User-friendly 2-3 second flush delay
  • Automatic 72 hour sentinel flush keeps fixture fresh during periods of non-use
  • Indicator lights show when user is in range or battery is low

How to Install the Sloan EBV-500-A

The Sloan EBV-500-A is a high-quality electronic flushometer that provides efficient flushing and water conservation. This installation guide will walk you through the process of installing the Sloan EBV-500-A in your bathroom.

Materials Needed:

Before you start the installation process, make sure you have the following materials ready:

  1. Sloan EBV-500-A electronic flushometer
  1. Adjustable wrench
  1. Screwdriver
  1. Teflon tape
  1. New batteries (if required)

Step 1: Shut off the Water Supply:

Locate the water shut-off valve near the toilet and turn it clockwise to shut off the water supply. Flush the toilet to drain any remaining water in the tank and bowl.

Step 2: Remove the Existing Flushometer:

Use an adjustable wrench to disconnect the supply line from the existing flushometer. Then, remove the nut that attaches the flushometer to the toilet bowl.

Step 3: Clean the Flange:

Clean the flange on the toilet bowl to remove any residue or old gaskets. Ensure that the surface is clean and smooth.

Step 4: Install the Sloan EBV-500-A:

Place the rubber gasket provided with the Sloan EBV-500-A onto the flush valve tailpiece. Align the Sloan EBV-500-A with the flush valve tailpiece on the toilet bowl and press it firmly to create a proper seal.

Step 5: Attach the Nut:

Secure the Sloan EBV-500-A in place by tightening the nut onto the tailpiece. Use an adjustable wrench to ensure it is tight but do not over-tighten, as it may cause damage.

Step 6: Connect the Supply Line:

Attach the supply line to the bottom of the Sloan EBV-500-A unit. Make sure to use Teflon tape on the threads to create a watertight seal. Tighten the connection with an adjustable wrench.

Step 7: Turn on the Water Supply:

Turn on the water supply by rotating the shut-off valve counterclockwise. Check for any leaks around the connection points. If you notice any leaks, tighten the connections further.

Step 8: Test the Flushometer:

The Sloan EBV-500-A should now be ready for testing. Activate the sensor by waving your hand in front of it. The flushometer should initiate a flush and stop automatically after the preset time. Adjustments to the sensor range and flush duration can be made according to your preference.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Sloan EBV-500-A electronic flushometer. Enjoy the efficient flushing and water-saving benefits that this high-quality flushometer provides. Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for regular maintenance and battery replacement (if applicable) to ensure its optimal performance.

Troubleshooting Guide for Sloan EBV-500-A

  1. No Flush or Inconsistent Flushing:
  • Check the battery: Ensure that the battery is properly installed and has enough charge. Replace it if necessary.
  • Clean the sensor: Dirt or debris on the sensor can interfere with its function. Wipe the sensor lens with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Adjust the sensor range: If the sensor is not detecting motion properly, adjust the sensor range according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Check water supply: Ensure that the water supply is turned on and there is sufficient water pressure.
  1. Continuous Flushing:
  • Check the sensor range: If the sensor range is set too high, it may detect motion even when there is none. Adjust the sensor range lower.
  • Inspect the solenoid valve: The solenoid valve may be stuck in an open position. Ensure it is clean and free of debris. If necessary, replace the solenoid valve.
  1. Water Leaks:
  • Check connections: Inspect all connections, including the supply line and the nut attaching the flushometer to the toilet bowl. Tighten any loose connections.
  • Replace gaskets: If there are leaks around the flush valve tailpiece or between the flushometer and toilet bowl, replace the gaskets with new ones.
  • Inspect the diaphragm: A worn or damaged diaphragm can cause leaks. Inspect it for any signs of wear or tears and replace if necessary.
  1. Inadequate Flush:
  • Adjust flush duration: If the flush duration is too short, the toilet may not clear waste properly. Adjust the flush duration according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Check water pressure: Ensure that the water pressure is sufficient. Low water pressure can result in a weak flush. If necessary, consult a plumber to address any water pressure issues.

By following this troubleshooting guide, you should be able to identify and resolve common issues with the Sloan EBV-500-A electronic flushometer. If you encounter more complex problems or if the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, it is recommended to contact Sloan's customer support or consult a professional plumber for further assistance. Remember to always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for proper maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.

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