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Dec 31st 1969

New ADA Hand Dryer Wall Guard

ADA compliance with hand dryers that are surface mounted above so many inches high require a depth of 4” or less to pass ADA compliance. The old method of achieving this has always been to cut out a hole in the drywall, use a recess kit to house the dryer and set it partially inside the wall to reduce the depth of the hand dryer. It’s still a popular solution and sometime even preferred. However, there have been some new inventions allowing for ADA compliance without the need to recess. To name a few: the Dyson Airblade (hands-in style, due to the low positioning of mounting the dryer, a blind person can detect it with a cane), Saniflow Speedflow (the first of its kind, thin enough to pass ADA compliance as a surface mount unit), the World Dryer SlimDri (almost a replica of the Speedflow in terms of concept), and to mention one more, which we feel is the most important invention of them all, the American Dryer ADA wall guard (ADA-WG).

The ADA wall guard by American Dryer does a few things. 1st it passes ADA compliance for any American Dryer hand dryer by surface mounting it right below the hand dryer. It’s long enough and the ridge at the bottom can be detected by a blind person via ADA regulations. You can add the ADA wall guard at any time and it fits all of the current American Dryer models (gx1, gx3, new Advantage series, and the top selling ExtremeAir high speed series). 2nd, it’s a very cost effective solution to acquiring ADA compliance with a hand dryer offering a simple, easy installation. 3rd, the wall guard also keeps walls and floors drier. With the patent pending design, the water is dripped onto the stainless steel wall guard keeping the walls dry. As the water hits the wall guard the power from the dryer (ExtremeAir is most effective) will dry the water from the guard. By the time the water hits the bottom where the wall guard extends slightly, the dryer has usually completely dried the wall guard and eliminated the ability for water to hit the floor (again, the ExtremeAir will work the best). This is very important for high traffic restrooms such as rest areas, parks, zoos, theme parks, schools, airports, casinos, busy restaurants, hotels, hospitals, fitness centers, gyms, offices, and more.

Thus, the best solution for ADA compliance is the ExtremeAir hand dryer coupled with the new American Dryer wall guard which also prevents water from hitting the walls and floors. The ExtremeAir is USA made and offers durability, high quality fast drying performance, simple and cost-effective ADA compliance with the ADA wall guard, and it creates a safer and more hygienic restroom. People love to use the Extreme Air hand dryer. Start reducing or even eliminating paper towel expenses and maintenance issues caused from paper towel stuffed toilets today!