Motion Sensor Hand Dryers | Infrared Technology

Dec 31st 1969

Motion Sensor Hand Dryers

Most hand dryers today are built with sensor technology. Push button is a product of the past as more awareness on hygiene and technology evolves. Current restroom designs call for as much motion sensor technology as possible and ProDryers carries it all. From motion sensor hand dryers to sensor operated flush valves, faucets, paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensers, ProDryers is your one-stop shop to a touch-less restroom design. Let’s look at some of our most popular solutions.

Motion sensor hand dryers use infrared technology to trigger the activation of air used. As hands are placed under the sensor, the dry cycle is initiated and will shut off once the dry cycle has expired or when hands are removed away from the sensor. Most hand dryers purchased today are energy efficient, high speed designs such as the XLERATOR or Dyson Airblade V. Typically, users will have dry hands within 8-15 seconds. By automatically shutting off the dryer once hands are no longer detected by the motion sensor, ultimate energy savings can be achieved when comparing to older style push button dryers.