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(Call 888-503-7937 now for help finding a replacement model)


(Call 888-503-7937 now for help finding a replacement model)






Retail Price: $485.00
Manufacturer: SANIFLOW
Model #: M02AC
Cover: Stainless Steel Bright Polished
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General Description

  • Warm air hand dryer.
  • Sensor operated by hand approximation.
  • Airflow temperature electronic regulation.
  • Maximum power and airflow.
  • Maximum robustness and vandal-proof.
  • Suitable for very high traffic facilities.
  • Also in recessed version conform to ADA projection requirements.
  • It normally goes along with a soap dispenser.

Components & Materials


  • Stainless steel AISI 304 one-piece cover bright finish, 1/16" (1.5 mm) thick. Cover fixed to the base by means of 2 vandal-proof lock screws and lock with special mediflow® key wrench.
  • Fire resistant plastic Noryl V0 base and fan scroll, with 4-5/16" (8 mm) holes for wall mounting. It includes silent-blocks to dampen mechanical vibrations.
  • Motor, universal with brushes, 4,500 rpm, A class, includes a safety thermostat.
  • Aluminum asymmetrical double inlet fan wheel.
  • Fe, Al & Cr taped winding coil filament resistor that incorporates a safety thermostat. Automatic disconnection 1/2 second before motor stop. Automatic regulation of air temperature on ambient temperature.
  • Adjustable (2"-8") IR electronic detection sensor with polycarbonate viewing window. Selective detection of fixed targets and automatic disconnection system after 120 seconds of continuous use.


Place the hands under the air outflow valve. The dryer will start automatically, and go on with no interruption as long as the hands are kept in the detection range of the sensor. As a safety measure, the appliance will stop after 120 seconds.

UL comply with UL499 norm.

Technical Characteristics

Voltage:   110 - 120 V
Power consumption:   2.1 A - 19 A
Motor:   1/3 HP
Nominal power:   250 W - 2.250 W
R.P.M.:   4.500
Heating element:   0 W - 2.000 W
Effective airflow:   265 CFM
Free airflow:   318 CFM
Noise level at 79''.:   65 dB
Air speed:   5.195 LFM
Temperature (at 4” distance/70ºF):   120 ºF
Insulation:   Grounding required
Frequency:   50/60 Hz
Drying time:   29"
Size:   10-3/4"W x 12-5/8"H x 6-1/2"D
Weight:   9.37 Lbs

Surface mounted vandal resistant hand dryer shall be fabricated with one-piece 5/64” thick metal sheet cover, white epoxy coated. The back base shall be fire resistant plastic Noryl V0 and with 4 holes for wall mounting. The dryer shall be activated through an infrared electronic sensor and shall automatically turn off when hands are removed. Sensor shall automatically shut dryer off approximately 120 seconds after dryer turn on if inanimate object is placed. Sensor shall have a polycarbonate viewing window. Motor shall be 1/3 hp, 4,500 r.p.m. , universal type, class A including a temperature limiter which switch off at 248 ºF (120ºC. ) . The hand dryer shall have an auto-adjustable heating element with 4 heating levels: 0 –800 – 1,200 – 2,000 Watts which permit the automatic regulation of the air temperature according to the room temperature. The Fe, Al & Cr taped winding coil filament heating element should incorporate a thermal limiter, which will switch off by a temperature of 230 ºF (110ºC.). The heating element shall have an automatic disconnection ½ second before motor stop. The hand dryer should have an asymmetrical double inlet fan wheel, and the fan scroll shall be made of a fire resistant plastic Noryl VO. Dryer shall deliver 318 CFM of air at 120 ºF (49 ºC) and 5,195 LFM velocity during user controlled drying cycle. The dryer shall have a total power of from 250 to 2,250 Watts with consumption from 2,1 to 19A. Noise level should be 65 dB. Overall dimensions shall be 10-3/4”W x 12-5/8”H x 6-1/2”D. Unit shall be UL listed, and /or VDE approved and CE marked.


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