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Dec 31st 1969

Hand Dryers Saving Trees

In today’s world trees are being cut down faster than ever to make products for human consumption and more room for development. What goes unnoticed during this destruction is the full impact that trees have in our lives and to the environment. Let’s start with the first and obviously most important thing they provide to us, that is oxygen. Through the process of photosynthesis they store carbon and release oxygen, according to the Arbor Day Foundation “One mature leafy tree will produce enough oxygen in one season to support 10 humans for a single year”. With large forests being cut down at an alarming rate the production of oxygen is decreasing. Not only is there less oxygen, but without these trees carbon dioxide is more plentiful in the atmosphere. Even pollutants such as dust, ash, and smoke can be trapped by trees. It is safe to say that without them the world would be uninhabitable. That may not seem believable but let’s not forget animals which supply food are also depending on this very same oxygen and even more directly, insects, other animals, and humans rely on the fruits of trees as well. The ever important food chains would be destroyed. Food and oxygen are necessities in life and forest provides an enormous percentage of this to all of us.

Another not so obvious element trees can provide is energy efficiency. Everybody knows when it’s time to get out of the hot sun, finding a spot underneath a shady tree will provide great relief. In warm climates or in areas that just have warm summers like here in Michigan, the use of air conditioning is a guarantee. A good way to save this energy instead of using air conditioning is from the shade. According to the USDA Forest Service properly placed trees around homes or businesses can reduce the consumption of air conditioning by up to 30%. For those of us who have to worry about harsh winters, diversion from the cold winds can also reduce energy needs for heating. Placed in the right areas, trees, especially evergreens will complete this job.

With all the recent news about global warming it is indicative that we reduce its effects. One of the largest forested areas in the world belongs to the Amazon rain-forest in Brazil. This particular area is where the most deforestation is occurring in order to create consumer products. Parts of the Amazon run on the equator and its other areas are fairly close. The importance of this is trees in this particular area and in the surrounding tropical regions have a cooling effect on our planet. Along with releasing oxygen, water vapor is also released into the air from trees naturally cooling the air around it. Even in downtown areas where the phenomenon of the urban heat island occurs cooling is possible from this same water vapor. By having more and more forest destroyed the ability to cool global temperatures is decreasing. It is inevitable trees will have to be cut down for developmental purposes and to produce some products, but we can surely reduce the rate of deforestation and reintroduce trees in new areas. The benefits of trees go on and on from energy efficiency, to blocking sound out from noisy city streets, improving property values, and even conserving water.

At ProDryers we do our part in saving trees and provide customers the opportunity to do the same. Among the 2500 plus restroom accessories we distribute, hand dryers are our specialty. Hand dryers easily cut down on the use of paper towel, which is a very large by-product of trees. On average Americans use nearly 3,000 tons of paper towels daily. It takes 17 trees just to produce 1 ton of paper towel! If just half of America stopped their paper towel usage 25,000 trees would be saved daily! Installing hand dryers in restrooms would help reduce some of the senseless deforestation. One misconception about hand dryers is that they are too slow and because of this paper towels are still largely in use. However with advancements in technology, dryers like the Dyson Airblade, Xlerator, and American Dryer eXtreme Air can dry hands in as little as 10 seconds! They are even much more cost effective than using paper towel, saving up to 95% of the costs. In fact, the new American Dryer ExtremeAir CPC (Cold Plasma Clean) hand dryer is the only hand dryer to kill germs and sanitize hands while purifying surrounding air. When it comes to paper towels vs. hand dryers, the new cold plasma technology ends the debate. Garbage removal is an additional cost with paper towel. Too often bathrooms become unsightly with overflowing trash cans and wet, bacteria filled paper lying all over the floor. Hand dryers quickly pay for themselves and reduce the dollars spent on trash bags and their removal. All of the garbage removal creates another issue which is landfill space. Two very large global problems are landfill space and deforestation, both can be cut back by replacing paper towel dispensers with fast and energy efficient hand dryers. Another misconception is water containment. Water spreading all over the floor is an issue for consumers and rightfully so, it can be quite dangerous. That being said, some of our manufacturers have a solution to this problem. The Xlerator and eXtreme Air have specifically designed accessories called wall guards that are meant to absorb water keeping it off the walls and floors. Dryers like the Mitsubishi Jet Towel which users put their hands in and pull out are equipped with a drip tray to store water keeping it from the floor. Plus, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel saves 1.4 million trees per year. Most recently Dyson has made available the Airblade Tap model which will wash and dry hands right in the sink, therefore water will not be dripping anywhere but in the sink. Ongoing product advancement is proving these misconceptions to be false and give more reason to have hand dryers instead of paper towel in the restroom. Staffed with a great customer service team and stocking the best hand dryers on the market, ProDryers is the go to distributor for anything restroom related. Our goal is first and foremost to supply our customer’s with ultimate satisfaction and to go green by saving trees and even landfill space. Call us at 888-50-Dryer today!