Hand Dryers And Bacteria In Public Restrooms

Dec 31st 1969

Hand Dryers and Bacteria

There is a false understanding when it comes to restroom sanitation and has mostly been caused from studies funded by the paper towel industry. Automatic hand dryers do not spread bacteria in general any more than paper towels do. And today, push-button hand dryers are fast being replaced by new touch-less sensor operated hand dryers. It is not responsible to make a broad statement that hand dryers spread bacteria or that hand dryers are not hygienic. Not all hand dryers are created equal. You will be surprised at what you read below.

The ExtremeAir CPC (Cold Plasma Clean) Hand Dryer Kills Bacteria

Consider the new American Dryer ExtremeAir CPC (cold plasma clean) hand dryer. It literally uses CPC technology to kill bacteria. It has been independently proven to kill bacteria’s such as E.coli, Staph, MRSA, C.diff, and Salmonella. Now this is just what has been independently proven. Is it possible that this hand dryer technology also kills Ebola and other concerning bacteria? Of course it is possible but we can’t make any factual claim at this time. But more importantly, when studies are put out that claim hand dryers spread bacteria, consider what this article explains.

Where is the Most Bacteria Found in Public Restrooms?

Now let’s consider where various types of bacteria may be found in a public restroom. Consider a study done by Biocote. You can see the study at http://www.biocote.com/bathroom. The study found that the sink came in 1st and had the most bacteria with 50,000 and the hand dryer was 5th from least with only 80 bacteria. The soap dispenser had 0 bacteria. This is further proof that hand dryers do not spread bacteria. Most hand dryers today are touch-less. If you are worried about air in the restroom being blown onto your hands, consider the fact that you are breathing restroom air which kind of puts things into perspective. Even though it is quite ridiculous to consider contaminated air in a restroom being a problem with drying hands (other than in the stall after toilets are flushed), the ExtremeAir CPC hand dryer uses cold plasma clean technology to kill nearly all bacteria in the air while sanitizing hands and creating a bubble of bacteria-free air around hands. It literally kills bacteria and makes the air in the restroom cleaner while drying hands. The ExtremeAir CPC uses ionized air that contains positively and negatively charged molecules that attract and kill germs. The result is pure (clean) water vapor.

What Germs Can You Catch in a Restroom?

According to Web MD at http://www.webmd.com/balance/features/what-can-you-catch-in-restrooms, yes, there can be plenty of bugs waiting for you in public restrooms, including both familiar and unfamiliar suspects like streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella bacteria, hepatitis A virus, the common cold virus, and various sexually transmitted organisms. Many people consider the toilet seats to be a breeding ground for bacteria and STDs like chlamydia or gonorrhea. However, toilet seats are not a common vehicle for transferring infectious bacteria to people. Hot zones in public bathrooms include sinks, faucet handles, and towel dispensers. The best method against restroom germs is washing hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds scrubbing soap to all areas of the hands, between fingers, and scrubbing under fingernails.

Avoiding Bacteria in the Restroom

If you are going to visit a public restroom, it’s quite difficult to avoid bacteria according to the studies listed above. The sink being the most contaminated area with 50,000 bacteria from the above study, is likely the place where most bacteria is spread from contact. Avoid touching faucet handles. As an example, let’s assume you pick up some bacteria on your hands from the sink area even after your hands were thoroughly washed for 30 seconds as outlined above. Should the restroom have an ExtremeAir CPC hand dryer installed, the bacteria on your hands would likely be killed. No other hand drying solution today can kill bacteria on your hands.

Killing Restroom Bacteria

Consider the amazing fact that bacteria from public restrooms can now be killed and not just avoided. By using the ExtremeAir CPC, it will cut down on the potential spread of bacteria throughout the facility. People who touch bacteria in a restroom can and will spread the bacteria to surfaces outside the restroom. That’s why many restaurants, office environments, schools, hospitals and more are looking to the ExtremeAir CPC hand dryer to help prevent the spread of germs by killing bacteria on and around hands while drying in just 10-15 seconds. Buy the ExtremeAir CPC at ProDryers now!