Energy Efficient Restroom Design | Massive Cost Savings

Dec 31st 1969

Energy Efficient Restroom Design

Today more than ever, businesses are looking to cut costs and provide more modern solutions in the public restrooms. When it comes to designing a modern, sleek and energy efficient restroom, ProDryers can help. We carry the most effective energy efficient hand dryers and over 2500 restroom products to choose from. We’ll start with energy efficient hand dryers because that’s our main area of expertise.

When it comes to energy efficient hand dryers, there are a lot of great choices. Some of our top choice brands are Dyson, Excel Dryer, and American Dryer. The Dyson Airblade has a variety of designs these days. Both the hands in style Dyson Airblade and Dyson Airblade V are extremely stylish and popular choices. They each use the same motor moving air at 420 MPH and dry hands in 12 seconds without the use of a heating element. By stripping out the heating element, the Dyson hand dryer is able to save more energy. The Dyson Airblade and Dyson Airblade V will cost on average between $39 and $43 per year to operate (calculated at 200 uses per day). The XLERATOReco hand dryer and EXT7 ExtremeAir hand dryers both dry hands in about 10-15 seconds and cost under 50 cents per 1000 uses to operate. Call us at 888-503-7937 and we can go into an in-depth explanation of the differences per each brand.

Another important feature for an energy efficient restroom design is the urinals and toilets. With urinals, there is as an opportunity to look at two different areas of water and energy conservation. The first solution and catching popularity fast is water free urinals. A lot of Coney Islands and American Legion halls are moving to water free urinals. We have water free urinal solutions by Falcon or Sloan. Since the first Falcon Water free urinal was installed, an estimated 20+ BILLION gallons (75+ BILLION liters) of fresh water has been saved from being flushed down the drain! That’s a lifetime of drinking water for 800,000+ people. Save thousands on your water bills and help reduce the perfectly clean water flushed down the drain each day. Americans flush an estimated 5.7 billion gallons (21.58 billion liters) of clean drinking water down the drain every day while countries all over the world face terrible water shortages. Waterless urinals can help you earn up to 13% of the points required for basic LEED - Existing Building Operation and Management Certification under 2009 LEED certification standards. Sloan water free urinals and Falcon water free urinals are of the same, manufactured by Falcon. We have access to both brands.

If eliminating wasted water with water free urinals is a step too far for your restroom design, consider energy efficient and water conserving automatic flush valves. We have many automatic sensor operated flush valves from top brands such as Zurn, Hydrotek, and Sloan. Qualification for LEED Credits WE 3.1 and WE 3.2 Water Use Reduction can be achieved with the proper installations of flush valves and other water conserving products. For example, the use of Hydrotek Urinal Flush Valve models with 0.125 GPF will result in an 85% water savings when compared to standard urinal flush valve flow-rate settings of 1.0 GPF. The use of Hydrotek Closet Flush Valve models with 1.28 GPF will result in a 20%+ water savings when compared to standard closet flush valve flow-rate settings of 1.6 GPF. Sloan also offers many sustainable technologies for reducing water waste and saving energy. Currently, all of Sloan’s flushometers are made from approximately 80 percent semi-red brass cast alloy, 99 percent of which is from recycled sources. This alloy consists of 45 percent post-consumer material, 53 percent secondary material and 1 percent virgin material. In addition, Sloan has earned Cradle-to-Cradle certification for two of their most popular products and counting. This certification measures achievement in environmentally intelligent design that maximizes efficiency and eliminates waste. Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Silver Sloan’s new dual-flush UPPERCUT® flushometer is the first commercial flushometer to reduce water volume by approximately 30 percent. Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Silver Sloan has worked to improve the water efficiency of its flush valves, like the quiet, diaphragm type flush valve, the Royal® 111 flushometer.

Besides high efficiency flush valves, automatic sensor operated faucets will greatly reduce wasted water as the water flow is automatically turned on and off as hands are detected by sensor technology.

In summary, facilities can save many thousands of dollars annually by moving towards an energy efficient restroom design and choosing high efficiency water reduction products coupled with energy savings hand dryers that cut down on heavy paper towel costs. These high efficiency products will pay for themselves and create happier restroom users which improves the overall image of the business or facility. The indirect savings will lead to less maintenance issues and even less vandalism such as paper towel stuffed toilets, resulting in more annual savings. A modern restroom design is the only way to go with new construction. And updating existing restrooms with newer cutting-edge technology is simple. Saving money in unnecessary restroom expenses is easy. Call ProDryers today at 888-503-7937 or shop our high quality restroom brands online now!