Cheapest Operating Hand Dryers Less Than 1.00 Per 5,000 Uses

Dec 31st 1969

Cheapest Operating Hand Dryer

The American Dryer EXT7 Extreme Air hand dryer is one of the cheapest hand dryers to operate as it takes only 18 cents per 1,000 uses to operate it. That's less than 1 dollar for every 5,000 uses. So how does it do it? By not using a heating element, the temperature only reaches up to 90 degrees. The heating element is not required to dry hands quickly and efficiently. Any hand dryer with a heating element requires its own dedicated line. The EXT7 allows for 3 hand dryers per line and uses less than half the energy than hand dryers using the heating element. 18 cents per 1,000 uses is among the cheapest method to drying hands and saves schools and other facilities thousands of dollars. In fact, schools are switching over to the EXT7 ExtremeAir across the USA at a very fast rate and taking advantage of the cheapest operational costs and maximum energy savings.

High speed hand dryers are becoming more and more popular to be installed in schools. They are a huge savings when compared to paper towel. Not only that but hand dryers prevent the never ending clean-up of wet dirty paper towels that often never make it to the trash can. It may seem tough to find the dryer to fit all ages. You want something powerful enough to quickly get kids back to class but for younger children not one that is so powerful that the kids are fearful of it. The product that will cater to each of these needs is the eXtreme Air series by American Dryer. Included in this series is the GXT and EXT line; the difference being the GXT has a heating element and the EXT doesn’t. Each of these super-efficient dryers would work great in a school setting. The GXT costs just about 42 cents per 1,000 uses to operate and the EXT around 18 cents per 1,000 uses, either one is a great savings compared to paper towel. When it comes to the drying times the GXT will dry in 10-15 seconds while the EXT dries in 12-15 seconds. Now the noise level is what could raise a red flag for small children. That is the case with all hand dryers. However, the eXtreme Air is capable of turning down the motor which results in lower sound. With this capability sound levels can range from 69-83 decibels, if turned all the way down to 69 this would sound slightly louder than a normal conversation. It can still dry hands quickly while not sounding too loud for younger ears. As for older students the dryer could be left at its normal setting helping kids get in and out of the bathroom and quickly back to class. To understand how to turn down the motor follow this link provided by ProDryers: How to Adjust the ExtremeAir Hand Dryer Motor. If worried about bathroom vandals the eXtreme Air solves this problem too. Although vandalism can never be fully prevented, the tamper proof screws and heavy duty cover make this one of the toughest hand dryers on the market. The eXtreme Air is a great hand dryer for various ages and all facilities.

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