The Right Hand Dryer for The Right Application / Environment

Posted by Excel Dryer on May 14th 2020

The perfect commercial hand dryer: find the one that fits your facility

Think of any two vastly different facility types. An elementary school and a pizzeria? A football stadium and a hospital? How about a gas station and a train station? Whatever contrast comes to mind, there’s one general area you’ll find in both. Every facility has a restroom, and every one of them can benefit from the right electric hand dryer.

Restroom hand dryers for all

Since revolutionizing the hand hygiene industry with its invention of the original XLERATOR®,  Excel Dryer, Inc. has continued to develop new technology and features to ensure the perfect commercial hand dryer for any restroom environment. In addition to XLERATOR, the manufacturer offers the super environmentally friendly XLERATOReco®, which dries hands fast using no heat, and the ThinAir® hand dryer, a slim model designed to meet ADA guidelines when surface mounted. All three come with enhanced standard features, such as adjustable speed and sound, making them highly customizable.

Finding the right fit

What are you looking for in an electric hand dryer? With XLERATOR or another of the manufacturer’s signature dryers, your facility is getting:

A hygienic hand dryer. These products all feature a hands-under design to eliminate touch points, and an optional HEPA filter, recently confirmed to remove 99.999% of viruses from the airstream, is available for XLERATOR. That’s just for starters; learn more about these dryers’ hygienic benefits (and see the studies that support them) here. A hygienic hand dryer is especially critical for restaurants and schools.

A fast hand dryer. There’s a reason every XLERATOR bears the words “feel the power.” Especially in a busy, high-traffic venue (think sports stadium or shopping mall), patrons want completely dry hands in seconds—and to be on their way.

A sustainable hand dryer. These days, it’s more important than ever to “think green” when making choices for your facility. If it’s from Excel Dryer, you’ve chosen an energy-efficient hand dryer that can help your organization meet corporate sustainability goals.

A quiet hand dryer. With adjustable sound controls and the option of a special noise reduction nozzle, your XLERATOR hand dryer can be a bona fide quiet hand dryer. This makes it an ideal choice for sound-sensitive environments such as office buildings, schools, restaurants or music venues. 

Last, but never least, there’s the dramatic hand dryer savings Excel Dryer products provide; XLERATOR represents a 95% cost savings over paper towels, and the typical return on investment is less than one year.

Regardless of size, function or any other factor, businesses and organizations that choose automatic hand dryers from Excel Dryer enjoy these benefits across the board. Discover your facility’s perfect hand drying solution today.